You Need This Blissful Hug for Your Skin

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About 4 months ago we officially launched Sarah Nicole Skincare and the experience has been nothing short of amazing (and stressful, real talk!). Being an entrepreneur¬†has a glamorous allure but it’s a freakin’ rollercoaster. I’m grateful for your honest feedback and support, you guys reel me back in when my tailspin starts. Truly, thank you!

When I first announced our launch I mentioned sharing more details on the blog about each product.

Honestly, I’ve held back. I didn’t want you to feel like I’ve ditched the content you originally came here for. I didn’t want it to feel spammy. If you’ve been patiently waiting, I apologize. ūüėė

That said, get ready! I’m going to roll out a series of posts sharing details on each product BUT! They’re going to be spaced out between other posts like the products I used to control my acne, why the barrier is so important to healthy skin (I’ll touch on it today), how to shop for sugary treats that are healthier for your body/skin, etc.

Btw, if you have anything you want to hear more about let me know!


Spoiler alert: I’m obsessed with my products. I suppose it’s only natural, and I should be obsessed with what I place my¬†name on.

When you’re in the development phase of production you get your hands on samples to¬†test. I ran out of my samples by the time we launched, now that I’ve been able to use my products without fear of running out I’ve mixed and matched, compared to other brands I have around the house and have been able to fully enjoy them in their pretty packaging.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!


here’s everything you need to know about Sarah Nicole Skincare Nourishing Cream


Nourishing Cream was designed to be a fantastic moisturizer for the majority with an ingredient deck to tame unwanted day-to-day changes in our skin’s condition.

Think about all the things that throw your skin out of balance and make it sensitive, dry, dehydrated, or dull.

We could write a laundry list–there are *so* many daily¬†triggers that can throw our skin off balance. Seasonal changes, travel, jetlag, over exfoliating, retinoids, alcohol, diet, harsh products, sitting in the A/C or heater during the workday, etc.

Nourishing Cream corrects symptoms from living our daily lives with¬†ingredients that support¬†your skin’s natural ability to self-heal.


so what’s in it?


Nourishing Cream’s ingredient deck is full of goodness that promotes a healthy barrier. When your barrier is healthy and balanced your skin’s oil production is regulated, sensitivities¬†diminish, and your skin can maintain proper hydration levels.

With a healthy lipid barrier your skin can function properly, which means all other supportive mechanisms can do their job to prevent acne, pigmentation, wrinkles, etc. It’s the foundation of healthy, vibrant skin.

To support the skin’s barrier we use a blend of sphingolipids (ceramides are a type of sphingolipid, btw), phospholipids, hyaluronic acid, and manuka honey.

The texture is lovely and whipped, allowing for the cream to be moved around and blended into the skin without absorbing too quickly. Sensations of feeling as if your skin is being hugged, cradled, and embraced make you feel as if you’re doing something good for you, good for your skin.

Normal, dry or dehydrated skin types you will LOVE this cream. Even dehydrated combination to oily skin types can benefit from Nourishing Cream, although you may find it a better fit in drier months.

Prone to over-exfoliating or you use retinoids? My formula will allow your skin to bounce back from those symptoms. You may even be able to increase your frequency without crossing the line of doing too much.


a couple bits from my experience with Nourishing Cream


Back in July, we moved from Dallas to Denver. As we drove through West Texas my car registered 117 degrees, the A/C was blasting, and my skin was ANGRY. The extreme conditions had thrown my barrier off. I was extremely dry, dehydrated and sensitized–similar to over exfoliating.

I kept things simple and relied on Nourishing Cream to restore balance–I was excited to have the perfect scenario to performance test! It didn’t take very long for my skin to return to normal, the moisturizer passed with flying colors. What I didn’t expect was for how SOOTHING it felt on my hot skin! Truly, it was so nice for my skin in a compromised state.


once we settled in I unpacked a half-full jar of Skinceuticals Triple Lipid.


If you’ve been following me for a while or visited me in the treatment room, you know how much I love this cream. Triple Lipid has been my ride or die, I adore it, minus its price tag.

Well, I held onto this half jar intentionally to test against Nourishing Cream. I thought Colorado would be the perfect dry climate to really compare the two side-by-side.

I’m being 100% honest here.

Performance wise, I cannot tell a damn difference between the two.

The ingredients are different but with the same function in mind, they achieve the same desired result: support a healthy lipid barrier.

Textures vary. Triple Lipid feels fluffy while Nourishing Cream is whipped. Triple Lipid absorbs a bit more quickly, which can be good or bad depending upon your viewpoint. I always felt like I burned through a jar of Triple Lipid and it was easy to overuse.

Nourishing Cream is $50 while Triple Lipid is $125. Much easier on the wallet, which is fantastic (and intentional). I’ve always thought Triple Lipid was too expensive for what it is, but working in a spa and being able to purchase at wholesale allowed me to overlook that bit.

I don’t think I’m speaking with blinders on, either. So far the response to Nourishing Cream has been amazing and supports my experience.

Overall, Nourishing Cream is a delightful skin hug in a pretty little jar and perfect for those battling less than ideal skin conditions, whether you experience them routinely or occasionally as seasons or lifestyle shifts.


You can shop at Nourishing Cream at Sarah Nicole Skincare.


This post is part of the Sarah Nicole Skincare series introducing products from the brand. You can read more about Preservation Serum here.  xx



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Sarah is a Denver based expert esthetician, known for returning abused sensitive skin back to a glowing state without harsh products while boosting her client's skin confidence and self-worth. Sarah’s work has been featured in Allure, New Beauty, Greatist, NBC News, and D Magazine among others. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahnpayne.

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