Why It’s Time to Check in With Your Skin Goals

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When we set out to correct our skin’s perceived imperfections, we often fall prey to overwhelm. If our expectations for success aren’t grounded in realism, we can expect a tailwind of frustration and despair. This principle is true of goal setting in general, but it’s particularly applicable to our skin goals.

When it comes to our skin, we tend to anticipate overnight success. The perfect serum should deliver results within no time, right? That’s what’s advertised after all. But not so fast.

Problems begin to surface as we age. Fine lines, wrinkles, sun damage, acne scars, redness—they’ve all taken time to develop. Those wrinkles stem from long hours of smiling through life’s joys. Those sunspots come from countless days of sunbathing and vacationing.

So why are we disappointed when these issues that took years to develop don’t vanish overnight? Realistic expectations are key to enjoying the skincare process and staving off frustration.

This is true of all good skincare—med-spa treatments and even regular facials. You may notice slight improvement in your skin, but when you don’t see the changes you were aiming for, understand that all good things take time.

When beginning a new skincare regimen, you need to give your products at least three months of regular use in order to see marked improvement. Three months in, you’ll start to see the magic of well-formulated skincare. But don’t stop there! Continue practicing due diligence, and as you reach your six-month mark, improvements will be even more notable.

For stubborn wrinkles and sun damage, you might have to wait a year or more to see significant change. These issues have taken a long time to develop, so patience is key.

Monthly facials tend to yield results around month three. And an excellent at-home regimen can speed up the process.

Advanced med-spa treatments like microneedling, lasers and ultherapy offer instant improvement, but you still need to give your skin time to undergo its natural processes before you can see a treatment’s full range of benefits. If the treatment is designed to create new collagen cells, your skin may take six to eight weeks to show complete results. Typically, treatments to rid sun damage provide faster results.

No matter which route you take to feel confident and beautiful in your skin, remember: these imperfections are evidence of a life full of love, joy and adventure. So enjoy the process, and marvel at how remarkable your skin truly is!


This story was written for and originally published by Hope For Women Magazine.


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