When Your Worst Nightmare is Gluten Gifting You Acne

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I’ve always said if I found I had an allergy to a food group I loved I would be devastated. Isn’t that every foodie’s worst nightmare? Not being able to eat anything and everything without concern?

It’s actually why it took me so long to address my acne internally, I didn’t want to give up my love for food.

While practicing Whole 30 and reading Younger Skin Starts in the Gut, I learned I don’t have any allergies per se, but I definitely have sensitivities. Younger Skin Starts in the Gut is legit the best book I’ve read in regards to how our diet affects our skin. Dr. Nigma Talib has diagrams for what she calls gluten, dairy, wine, and sugar face, and they have been SPOT ON. I can correlate exactly what I eat to symptoms I’m seeing on my skin, and I’ve started noticing trends with clients. Her suggestions for clearing symptoms start with healing the gut and plays well with Whole 30, they share similarities.

If you’re trying to address skin problems internally, I highly recommend.

Through my experience, I’ve found I have to limit…


gluten, dairy, and sugar



Death of a foodie, R.I.P.

I avoid refined sugar and try to keep my sugar intake under 25g a day because that’s what Google says.

I can get away with having *some* dairy in small amounts.

Gluten, though? Cysts pop up on my forehead and brows within 24 hours, like clockwork, and remain well over a month.

I started getting emotional a couple weeks ago while out eating Korean, trying to figure out wtf I could eat. Choosing between a painful breakout or indulging. It provoked me to reach out to Dr. Nigma Talib, asking if there was any hope.

Thankfully, she said YES! In her experience, clients who fully heal their gut are able to reintroduce foods they react to.

I’ve also read that can take up to two years…


in the meantime, I’ve had to re-establish my relationship with food


Dairy and sugar are fairly easy to limit without feeling like I’m missing out. Gluten I can’t yet have in small amounts, so it’s 100% avoidance. Not every restaurant marks items as gluten-free. Thankfully, many brands are creating yummy gluten-free foods.

So now I’m more of a health food foodie.

Since balancing my hormones and healing my gut, my taste buds have changed. I don’t like a lot of sugar, I don’t need nearly as much salt, and I actually feel sick if I don’t eat green veggies regularly.


but these are my favorite dairy-free and gluten-free staples


Simple Mills makes the BEST gluten-free baked goods. The textures are of course different, but they’re well done! The Chocolate Muffin & Cupcake doubles as brownie batter. If you toss them in the fridge they become denser and fix a craving real quick! I was pleasantly surprised by the pancakes. The only hit or miss is their crackers. If I’m eating them with hummus I’m fine, otherwise, some flavors remind me cardboard… specifically the jalapeno ones.

In my eyes, Primal Kitchen can do no wrong. I literally love everything this brand creates–protein powders, salad dressing, snack bars–they make tasty clean treats! I LOVE using their Chipotle Lime Mayo as a compote “butter” on top of fish and steak. Their dressings taste exactly like what they say, not kinda like ranch with a hint of something else. I always have their protein bars in my bag.

Although I’m no longer doing Whole 30, I tend to eat paleo the majority of the week. Most days my lunch consists of a marinated meat with tons of veggies. It can get boring though, so sauce packets save my life. Hak’s is freaking amazing. Their Korean BBQ is legit, SOOO yummy! It tastes like the real deal. Frontera has fantastic Mexican mixes, too.


I purchase all of these via Thrive Market


Unless I see them on sale at my grocery store. If you have dietary restrictions, Thrive is amazing. You can read all about my obsession over here. If you’re already down with Thrive, you can use my affiliate link for 25% off your first purchase! Which is the best way to join, taking advantage of a promo.

Oh, I almost forgot–I love Siete, too! Their tortilla chips and wraps are so, so good! I pick them up at Whole Foods usually. Unfortunately, Thrive doesn’t carry their wraps but they do carry their tortilla chips!


What is your fave health food find!? The Coconut Cult is next on my to-try list. xo


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