True Life: This Is How Beauty Entrepreneurs Dissolve Stress

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Real talk: being a beauty entrepreneur is a wonderful, challenging adventure but without proper stress management tricks up your sleeve it can put a damper on the excitement and fun.

Anyone who’s considered starting their own business reasonably understands they’re venturing into unforeseen obstacles. Entrepreneurship is truly a test of will and whether or not you realize it, you will be challenged in ways you never imagined. Growth is imminent, in one way or another.

Unfortunately, thanks to social media, there’s glamorization around entrepreneurship, encouraging falsehoods with its rose-colored glasses, providing an unrealistic representation of what starting a business is really like. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go for it, just know it will likely look very different from what you expect.

If you’ve fallen for the easy breezy perception and struggle to stay on the rollercoaster, know you’re not alone. Everything you’re experiencing is part of the journey and you can still have fun amid the stress!

Challenges are all part of the game. From my personal experience and speaking with other female entrepreneurs, tears are just as common. That’s not to say we’re necessarily having a bad day or things aren’t going our way. Whether it’s the circumstance, stress, or fear, crying becomes a therapeutic practice–one I’ve learned to embrace and welcome! I always feel so much better.

Consistently being confronted with challenges is all in a day’s work. What we can do is adapt in how we handle stressful situations. I spoke with a few fellow beauty entrepreneurs, getting their take on handling the stress of following their big dreams. There’s a common thread: creating rituals, consistently taking advantage of them in a regular routine, and honoring your space. I’ve talked about creating rituals for a long time. They’re vital, ya’ll. Trust.


When it comes to soothing frayed nerves, there’s no other brand I want to build the foundation of my rituals with than Sunday Forever.

From picking up your parcel at the mailbox to unwrapping the coconuts scented tissue paper, founder and mastermind Ashli Stockton has curated an experience that instantly triggers an urge to shop as the need to destress kicks in. On a serious note, anytime I’m super stressed, unboxing a Sunday Forever package laced in coconuts has become a calming aroma I crave… like Pavlov’s dogs, I need my fix.

She’s the queen of ritualistic relaxation; Sunday Forever was born from end-of-the-weekend stress many of us experience before Monday begins. Her luxurious kimonos and candles are loaded with good vibes to set the mood. And yes, Tan Lines smells exactly like a well spent, warm summer day.

Even though Ashli’s brand is steeped in self-care and rituals doesn’t mean she doesn’t experience her fair share of stress. Things are going to happen, learning how to handle situations, shift and adjust is what counts. “I think once you accept the stress will come and then go, it becomes much more manageable [over time]. The issue is that it takes time to learn these lessons. You start to realize what matters and what doesn’t”, she says. “At the beginning of starting…everything felt HUGE, now I have experiences to compare what “huge” means now.”

Staying balanced on the toughest days is where the real challenge lays when the negative feedback loop kicks in. This is where honoring your space comes into play and practicing self-awareness, so you can stop negativity in its tracks.

Ashli’s take on maintaining balance? “I’ve gotten much better at listening to my body and my mind and taking the proper time to get myself balanced and back on track. Some days when it’s really hard (and I don’t have back to back meeting and events) I’ll work from home in my little garden with my little dogs and have a glass of wine with lunch. That’s an ideal scenario. When I don’t have that luxury I’ll do whatever soothes me, put my EarPods in and listen to a podcast that motivates me or gets me back on track. My go to’s for this mood are “How I Built This” and “The Gary V Experience”, they remind me that even the biggest companies have gone through dark times and if this was easy everyone would do it.”


Find a ritual that resonates with you and allows you to reset, one you can get behind with excitement. For me, nothing’s better than an indulgent bath paired with crystals, candles, and finishing with a beautiful oil blend, like Supernatural Glo Body Oil with Bergamot.

Turns out this is a ritual other beauty entrepreneurs and I have in common, including founder of Supernatural Body, Michele Griffiths.

“In addition to getting good rest during the week, I think it’s very important to get some meaningful “reboot” time at the weekend,” Michele says. “For me, it’s a luxurious bath and skincare ritual to create a gentle finish to the week and a wonderful start to the next. I start by drawing a warm bath with a few drops of essential oil or a few drops of Glo Body Oil if my skin is dry. While the bath is filling I usually apply my Supernatural Boost Mask to my face and neck.”

While taking a relaxing soak, I take time to reflect and mentally detox, indulging in lovely bergamot oils, something Michele also practices.

“I try to use this time to unload all the mental stuff of the day or week and deeply relax by focusing on my breathing. After the bath, while my skin is still slightly damp I’ll message the Glo body oil into my entire body hands, feet and elbows. My favorite scent at the moment is Bergamot but I’m constantly switching back and forth with Lemongrass. Bergamot for sultry and Lemongrass for Netflix!” Michelle says, “My body and mind feel relaxed and my skin feels renewed.”

Setting boundaries is also important to define and adhere to. Whether it’s surrounding friends, family, employees, or even yourself, take note of what your personal boundaries are and stay steadfast in honoring them. A personal boundary of mine is limiting time on social media, taking a social detox when necessary, and only following accounts that make me feel good. The need to stay current in your industry and running your business can make this challenging, I know.

As a beauty entrepreneur, your tools for destressing don’t stop here. We’ve only scratched the surface! There are many ways to manage your wellbeing, ensuring you’re putting your best self forward.

During lunch breaks I’ve taken up coloring, entertaining my inner child and it’s been incredibly therapeutic. Know the options are endless and it all comes down to what works for you.

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