Travel Skin: Surviving a Long Haul Flight

Travel Skin: Surviving a Long Haul Flight

This week I should be on a 20 hour flight complaining about my travel skin, getting hyped for New Year’s Eve in Ho Chi Minh City, experiencing a Shangpree facial in Seoul, eating a lot of street food…. and shopping. BUT life happened and we postponed adventuring until next year, TBD.  Instead we’re heading to Santa Fe next week, you can follow me on Instagram for updates!

Flying for a few hours, or what seems to be an eternity, can leave your skin a dehydrated mess. But there are steps you can take to survive the lack of humidity and even entertain yourself along the way. Even though I won’t be flying I can still share my travel skin plans with you and you can survive dry cabin air! Yes, there was a travel skin plan in place. We’ve established I’m crazy, I take this shit seriously. You’re welcome.

For my lengthy flight I didn’t want to keep a large bag under my feet, or any reason to get into the overhead bin, so I bought a cute little Baggu. Before boarding I move anything I may need into my Baggu, tie it off, and place in the seat pocket. My necessities include an iPad, snacks, skincare [in a separate baggy for easy access], sleep mask, and meds. Later cutie Baggu would come in handy to carry tchotchkes found shopping local markets.

Step 1: Sanitize EVERYthing in your bubble.

Planes are disgusting cesspits, arrive armed and ready with sanitary wipes. If you’re in a window seat don’t you dare lay your precious head against that window! Bring a buffer… pillowblanket scarf, you get the idea. Now you can settle in with your in-flight entertainment.

Even after sanitizing my surroundings I still disinfect my hands before touching my face. I love, love, love Herban Essentials wipes. They smell so good and you won’t offend your neighbor with any strong alcohol scent.


In-flight Routine

  1. Cleansing is a must, but I need to save precious space for liquids, too. This is the only time you’ll see me using facial skin wipes. I hate them, drug store brands tend to irritate my skin and they don’t thoroughly cleanse. Desperate times in-air, amiright? I use sensitive skin formulas. [BTW: I don’t wear makeup when I fly, it’s pointless IMO]
  2. I never use a hydrating mist when traveling…. They feel nice, but I’d rather use something that’s REALLY going to put moisture back into my skin. I always have Skinceuticals Hydrating B5 Gel with me and on a longer flight, I’ll layer it under a hydrating sheet mask.
  3. Lock in all that goodness with my favorite moisturizer, otherwise all of my excessive hydrating will escape my skin faster.
  4. SPF. Yes, even inside a big piece of flying metal I apply sunscreen. Why? Because UV rays are stronger at high altitudes. #themoreyouknow
  5. Throughout the flight I’ll use a nice lip balm, hand lotion, eye drops, and my beloved Nuxe Dry Oil.

I don’t have a specific time frame of how often I do this, just whenever my skin feels gross or too dry.



Even with my mini-facial efforts my skin tends to become clogged and needs a good exfoliation. I like using individually wrapped at-home peels, they’re perfect for travel and mess free. Once I arrive at my destination I’ll deep-cleanse in a steamy shower, exfoliate with a peel, apply another hydrating mask, and allow my skin to regenerate and do its thing while I sleep.


Do you have any beauty tips for keeping travel skin happy?

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