This is the Confessions of Dumping Coffee for No-Jitter Adaptogenic Energy

Living a day without coffee is like living a day without sunscreen–it ain’t gonna happen in my world.

None of that weak ish either, I need it strong to jumpstart my day as an incognito morning person. What I’m saying is… I need all the help I can get because as much as I like to pretend, I don’t get along with my 7 am wake-up call.


I’ve lived my whole life indulging in the coffee bean without issue


….until a couple months ago. Maybe it’s because I’ve cleaned up my diet & healed my body to the point it’s like WHOAAAAA HEEEEEY NOW! Slow your roll, we don’t like that anymore!

I have gone cold turkey from coffee once in my life & it caused severe depression for about a month before I realized I was experiencing withdrawal. Like sad tv commercial, staring out the passenger window on a rainy afternoon with tears rolling down your cheeks kinda depressed.

Never. Again.


All of a sudden, coffee was making me lightheaded and dizzy. Not for like a short window of time, it was lasting hours. It took about a week of repeatedly checking my blood pressure & questioning whether or not I was going to pass out during facials to figure it out.

My legit dispair only lasted a moment because I remembered Four Sigmatic! The mushroom coffee everyone was raving about! Mushrooms save the day!


and like that, Four Sigmatic became my adaptogenic coffee substitute 


Oh yeah, this stuff is laced with adaptogen mushrooms like Lion’s Mane, Chaga, & Cordyceps. It’s a nice, tasty way to sneak them into your routine. You know how I love my adaptogens!

I started out with Four Sigmatic’s packets that come in 2 combinations, and honestly, they taste incredibly similar I couldn’t tell too much of a difference. If I had to choose, I would pick Cordyceps & Chaga because it had more of a dark roast flavor, which I prefer. There’s a slightly sweet taste to them, not artificial tasting but I don’t sweeten my coffee so I wasn’t in love but it got the job done.

Once I switched over to their dark roast ground coffee blend, I officially found my match. You know, it’s not 100% the same as straight up arabica beans but it’s damn close! No sweetness either.


the best part of all? NO JITTERS. just clean energy without being lightheaded


I slap on my morning face mask, brew up a cup in my cute little pour over ( it tastes way better this way than a standard coffee machine IMO ), add a little Vital Proteins coconut creamer & I’m good to go.

I even splurged on a nice coffee canister to keep grounds tastin’ fresh.

You can find Four Sigmatic at some local grocers, but if you’re into online shopping you can find a range of products on Amazon and Thrive Market. Two of my favorite online shops! hahaha

I’ve talked about Thrive Market in detail here and here.

I’m really enjoying Four Sigmatic & permanently made the switch! I’ll occasionally enjoy a regular cup of coffee once a week but usually when I don’t have much going on and it can’t affect my day. I’m just excited I found something that doesn’t make me feel like I’m missing out on one of life’s joys, you know?


Have you tried going coffee-free ( or coffee-minimal maybe? ) for health or beauty reasons? What was your experience like??



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Sarah is a Denver based expert esthetician, known for returning abused sensitive skin back to a glowing state without harsh products while boosting her client's skin confidence and self-worth. Sarah’s work has been featured in Allure, New Beauty, Greatist, NBC News, and D Magazine among others. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahnpayne.

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