The Holiday Gift Guide You’ll Want For Yourself

Ah, the holidays are quickly approaching, where alcohol and carb intake greatly increases along with stress. Thankfully there are tons of great deals ongoing through the season allowing a little “one for you, two for me” while shopping. In our home, we travel instead of buying gifts for one another, so it’s more of an “all for me!” situation over here.

I’m not much of a fan of gift guides, they feel predictable and rarely unique. Maybe this one will fit the same old mold, but I like to think it’s a little different. This holiday guide is a list of items you’ll want just as much for yourself as the person you’re shopping for! Because let’s be honest, the holidays are just as much about shopping for yourself as it is for your loved ones.


The Holiday Gift Guide Youll Want For Yourself


For The One Into Energy Readings

Or the one who loves sentimental, thoughtful gifts Dogeared jewelry is a top pick. They have several charm bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc. but my fave is their Healing Gemstone pieces. Each gem has its own unique reminder varying from courage, change, self-awareness, peace, believing in yourself… I can go on and on. You don’t have to be into crystals to find empowerment in a sweet gift like this.

I hunted all over the internet for a deal on Healing Gemstones and they’re hard to find a sale on. This style can be found on Amazon or Dogeared.


For The One Who Doesn’t Need Makeup

You know, “those people”,  that B with flawless skin! ‘Tis the season to look past envy & spread the glow with RMS Beauty. By no means is the brand new to the beauty scene, this cult green beauty makeup is worth spending on you and your friend. You can’t go wrong with Living Luminizer or Master Mixer, both offer a gorgeous dewy glow that enhances your skin underneath.


For The One Always Giving Back

There’s always that one friend. The one helping out in her community, participating in Junior League, creating care packages for the homeless, volunteering at the animal shelter. The one that makes you feel unintentionally guilty for not living up to her personal standards.

You can buy her a cute metallic leather pouch from West Elm, 50% of all sales goes back to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. And she’ll know, it’s part of the cute packaging. Good deeds aside, these bags are well made and a steal!


The Holiday Gift Guide Youll Want For Yourself


For The One You Like Enough To Splurge On

I don’t find candles to be impersonal, I quite like receiving them as they’re not an item I would purchase for myself. Especially if it’s a luxe sensory experience packaged beautifully like Voluspa. If you haven’t experienced Voluspa, you’re truly missing out. The brand is a master of their niche. If you have multiple people you need small gifts for these sets can be split up as needed. Or you can keep one for yourself.


For The One Obsessed With Botox

Even if she hasn’t told you, you know who she is. Spa Splurge has created the most luxe collagen masks! They’re thick, juicy, and so freakin’ lush to use. You’re basically giving yourself a spa-worthy treatment at home with these.  While I’m a fan of each their products I’m obsessed with their collagen eye mask & lip masks. They stay cool & provide deep hydration, plumping and filling fine lines. Keep them in the fridge for extra soothing oomph!



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