Sun Damage + Becoming a Psycho at [Almost] Thirty

Sun Damage + Becoming a Psycho at [Almost] ThirtySun damage… my nemesis. See those cute freckles in violet hue? The photo is deceiving since there’s nothing cute about it. Six years ago I bravely caught a glimpse of my skin under a Wood’s Lamp. [A cool UV light showing all kinds of funky happening underneath the surface of your skin]. I discovered SO.MUCH.DAMAGE. Those adorable little freckles you see is actually sun damage deep under the surface…. Just waiting their turn to wreck havoc on my porcelain complexion.

Cue slathering SPF daily and Phase 1 of becoming a Psychopath.

Fast forward to 2015 with a 30th birthday on the horizon. To say I’m obsessed with preventing sun damage/skin cancer is underestimating my crazy. Don’t do that…just follow my lead. We can keep our skin pretty together and have a warm fuzzy moment. I’ll even let you be the little spoon, k?

What EVERYone should be doing on the reg:

  • SPF. Daily. It’s overcast, rainy, and you don’t see the sun? Put it on. Only walking the dog for 5 minutes? Do it.
  • Body SPF: Coola is my jam for body, and it doubles as a moisturizer! You can still tan using SPF, no excuses.
  • Face SPF: Skinceuticals wins. EWG voted it as best of the best this year [big eff’in deal]
  • Daily AOX: Skinceuticals is known for their antioxidant serums. You’ve probably read about them in every beauty mag. They WORK, I can attest after six years of using them… the sun damage you saw above? A lot of it’s gone. Apply to face, neck, chest, hands…daily.

Upping the ante:

  • Colorescience Sunforgettable. We’re supposed to re-apply SPF throughout the day… but uh hello, makeup? Mineral SPF got’chu.
  • Don’t buy sunglasses without UV protection. Then layer Skinceuticals eye AOX and SPF.
  • UPF clothing for you outdoorsy types, or pool lounging…or everyday wear to hide from the sun. Coolibar, I’m looking at you.
  • UPF bubble to live in. JK, it doesn’t exist. Kickstarter anyone?

The moment you realize you’ve hit L5 Psycho:

  • Earlier this year a friend shared a story of the Texas sun burning her through her car windows. I swear I even had a dream nightmare about it and within a week I had my own windows tinted.
  • No surprise here, I hide from the sun and hunt out any bit of shade. Here’s a TIL moment: Our bodies can receive enough Vitamin D via supplements. My dermatologist backed up this fun fact by quoting statistics and studies.

Where do your obsessive habits show in your lifestyle?

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