St. Tropez ‘Golden Glow’ Gradual Tan in Shower Lotion

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St. Tropez Golden Glow Gradual Tan is easily my favorite summer beauty purchase. I’m legit ghost white. At spin, I glow in the mirror when the lights are dim. My dermatologist compliments me, saying how pretty (see: ghost white) my skin is.

But my legs, you guys. Long ago at summer camp, I was told they looked like sad, lifeless weisswurst. I have a sense of humor, I laughed and I can’t say she was wrong. I live in Texas, wearing shorts is non-negotiable so I just assume the risk of blinding everyone who dares to look. BUT NOW! Now my legs have enough color to not blind you with just a single application of this golden in-shower lotion! Pale girls, you need this.

The only downside is standing in the shower freezing your ass off for 3 minutes while you wait for the potion to work its magic. How did I survive? I turn the water to super hot, make a barrier with the shower curtain blocking any air flow, and stand outside the stream counting to 180. First world problems solved, ladies.

A tiny bit goes a long way, and it’s just fine for the face with a single application leaving my skin subtly glowing for 24-48 hours. Gradual Tan will be coming with me to Palm Springs in a few weeks to extend the life of my spray tan. And, I’ll be keeping a bottle in my shower almost year round because Dallas hardly has seasons. If you’ve been on the fence, go buy it. Right meow.

Where to buyNordstrom $25, Dermstore $25, Ulta $25

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  1. I have yet to get myself to try it because I can’t stand the thought of freezing in the shower for 3 minutes. How is the color you get from the in-shower version compared to the gradual tanning lotion (my personal fave)?

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