Knowing Your Skin Baseline is How You Achieve Skin Goals

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Here’s a beauty myth that needs to be busted once and for all so we can finally achieve our skin goals: our perceived imperfections don’t make or break whether or not we have “flawless” or “beautiful” skin. What can make a difference in achieving skin goals is understanding our skin baseline.

The truth of the matter is that healthy skin isn’t always flawless and flawless skin isn’t always healthy. You can have large pores, fine lines or breakouts and still have beautiful, glowing skin. These features of your skin won’t make or break whether or not you achieve your skin goals. And they don’t necessarily determine whether or not you have beautiful skin.

What determines whether or not your skin is beautiful is your skin’s overall health. Why? Because this dictates how your skin handles unwanted skin issues you see stopping you from achieving your skin goals. Things like pimples, acne marks, fine lines, dull, uneven skin tone, dryness, and sensitivity. If your skin can handle these symptoms at their source, before they become a problem, and we support it in doing so, it will look and feel beautiful!

This is something that’s really important for all of us to know. Between social media and society, we have a narrow view of what beautiful skin looks like. All of these things impact the skin goals we’ve set for ourselves.


Beautiful skin isn’t 100% free of pores, blackheads or fine lines. Photoshop, filters and Face Tune are not reality. Beautiful skin is glowing, dewy, bouncy, soft, supple, and looks radiant from the inside out, regardless of our perceived ‘imperfections’.

A lot of people think the only way to achieve their skin goals and solve their skin issues is by…

  1. Saving for expensive medical treatments like a series of lasers or intensive chemical peels
  2. Using aggressive prescriptions like Retin-A or Accutane
  3. Buying into the hype of skincare with trendy ingredients from exotic islands 

While they all have their place, they aren’t always necessary in making your goals a reality. Of course, there are cases where a medical treatment like lasers are the ideal solution, but for most of us, we need to get back to the basics of caring for our skin. Most prescriptions, laser treatments and high-end products aren’t designed to support your skin’s barrier. In many cases, they breakdown your skin in order to achieve results, so you’re going to need a product to support your skin barrier while partaking in one of these skincare solutions.

Not only can many skin issues be resolved just by healing your skin barrier alone, saving you tons of money you would have spent on these expensive alternatives, but it shows you what your skin’s baseline is.


Your baseline is what your skin looks and feels like when it’s healthy. You may find your skin wasn’t all that bad, it just needed TLC to get back on track. This means you could put off invasive med spa treatments instead of getting them too early! No need to waste money when your skin is youthful and healthy.

This is how to combat your skin problems just like an esthetician. By finding our baseline, we can see what our skin is really like when we’re not accidentally neglecting it. Then we can make an educated decision on what the best next course of action is.

When a new client visited me at the spa, this is how I troubleshoot their skin concerns. It helped me decide what the best option was for their unique skin, both at home (their skincare regimen) and in the treatment room (the type of facial treatment). For the first couple of months, we focused on finding their skin’s baseline so we could see exactly how their skin acted when everything was 100%. From there I could then help them overcome their skin concerns once and for all.

Any good esthetician will follow a similar pattern, it gives us a clear view of our client’s skin and how we should treat it. Doing so shortens how long it takes to heal and recover their skin, speeding up how quickly our clients see the results they desire.

I suggest doing all of these consistently for 3-4 weeks to find your Skin Baseline:

  • Cut out all the excess from your skincare routine & keep it simple: cleanser, moisturizer, SPF
  • If absolutely must, use exfoliants minimally. If you think you’ve been overusing them, cut them out entirely. Otherwise, keep it to 1-2x a week.
  • Make sure you’re using the right cleanser for your skin type
  • Use barrier supportive skincare to nurture your skin and help it return to it’s natural, beautiful state

Before you throw in the towel on your goals, think your skin is awful because it isn’t “flawless”, or are considering a medical treatment because you’ve tried everything else, I suggest an alternative: focus on creating a healthy environment your skin will flourish in with the Skin Baseline Method. It all starts with your skin barrier.

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Sarah is a Denver based expert esthetician, known for returning abused sensitive skin back to a glowing state without harsh products while boosting her client's skin confidence and self-worth. Sarah has been featured in Allure, New Beauty, Greatist, NBC News, and D Magazine among others. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahnpayne.

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