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To say launching Sarah Nicole Skincare is the most surreal experience of my life isn’t an exaggeration. A couple of weeks ago, 20 boxes arrived with hundreds of bottles with my name printed on them. My name. As in Sarah Nicole Payne. As in this is real life. Someone pinch me.

My boyfriend and I laid on the floor for hours, staring at our hard work that was finally tangible. It was just so surreal. Over a year and a half ago, Sarah Nicole Skincare started as a passing idea during a road trip to Palm Springs. At the time it felt crazy, a little impossible, but so right. I knew I wanted to help as many people as possible overcome skin problems impacting their confidence and self-worth because I know firsthand how emotionally tormenting they can be.

My mission is to create a positive impact in the beauty world,  helping solve a chronic problem I’ve increasingly become aware of through my years as an influencer, YGG, and my time spent in the treatment room. Something I believe is holding back so many people from achieving their skin goals.

Unintentional skin barrier abuse and neglect are far too common, I saw it in the treatment room all the time. With a booming beauty industry, the problem is growing. Honestly, it’s not our fault as consumers. We’ve been wrongly educated by an industry with little concern for how products impact our skin after the initial sell. We’re taught we need more, more, more... more exfoliation, more retinoids, more actives, more products. When used together in a regimen, they cause damage to our precious skin barrier. Many skincare products are too strong or harsh for our delicate skin barrier, causing a whole host of problematic skin issues, very similar to what we experience when we over-exfoliate.

The concept of treating our skin kindly to support and strengthen it is largely lost in the mainstream beauty industry. Often, less is more when it comes to caring for your skin. Doing so helps it flourish and combat sensitivity, acne, premature aging, and many other unwanted skin symptoms.

This is where Sarah Nicole Skincare comes into play: it’s a simple, no-nonsense skincare system designed to support and strengthen your skin barrier. By helping restore our skin barrier with skincare designed to do so, we support it in its ability to self-heal and overcome annoying skin issues we all encounter. A simple and often looked over feature of our skin, the skin barrier is often the root of many of our problematic skin troubles.

But there’s more to achieving our skin confidence goals than just topical products. We need to practice self-compassion, recognizing our worthiness and beauty isn’t defined by a bad skin day, breakouts, fine lines, or sun damage.

Awareness of how we speak to ourselves about our appearance is incredibly important. Checking our negative thoughts when we analyze our reflection in the mirror. Even how we judge others when we look at their skin can be a reflection of how we perceive ourselves. While we can do so much topically to our appearance, looking inward and accepting ourselves is equally important. I can’t stress this enough, it’s a hard lesson I learned through my years living with cystic acne.

I shared very intimate details of how I learned to love myself and why self-care became a cornerstone of my life, YGG, and now Sarah Nicole Skincare. For me, self-love and self-care aren’t buzzwords, they encompass a lifestyle. In order to truly love our skin and feel beautifully confident in it, this piece is key. Not to say it’s easy, I still struggle with this myself, but we can do our best and support each other in loving ourselves.

Inevitably, these values became the heart of Sarah Nicole Skincare, leading us to positively impact our community.

My life’s passion is in helping others realize their beauty inside and out. I’m here to guide you through your skin journey, helping you achieve your goals, just like I’ve helped my clients for years. I can’t wait to start this adventure with you.

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About Sarah Nicole

Sarah is a Denver based expert esthetician, known for returning abused sensitive skin back to a glowing state without harsh products while boosting her client's skin confidence and self-worth. Sarah has been featured in Allure, New Beauty, Greatist, NBC News, and D Magazine among others. You can follow her on Instagram @sarahnpayne.

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