RAAW in a Jar Cocoa Mud Mask Review

While hunting for interesting products I stumbled upon RAAW in a Jar Cocoa Mud Mask. Mud masks aren’t the most exciting product, they can become mundane. I’m always on the hunt for the perfect purifying mask. Masks are the only product category where I have commitment issues and routinely have a new flavor of the week. There’s a review on RAAW in a Jar’s site referring to this scrumptious little delight as chocolate bunny in a jar. Sold.

Cocoa absolute and coffee seed oil create an intoxicating aroma of chocolate pudding, it’s amazing. Cocoa Mud Mask is worth buying just for the sensory experience alone. It applies smooth, like creamy chocolate. A decadent treat for your face.

And y’all, this is one active little mud mask! I’m sensitive but my skin is accustomed to active ingredients and typically if I turn pink it subsides. Cocoa Mud Mask made me pink and I stayed pink. It wasn’t irritating, my skin didn’t feel hot, but I couldn’t use this any other time than before bed. After trial and error I found if I nixed exfoliants altogether–even a mild acid in a toner or cleanser–my skin would remain normal.

RAAW in a Jar claims Cocoa Mud Mask will purify, tighten, hydrate, and smooth your skin. I experienced all the above, but while my skin felt clean I didn’t notice a difference in congested pores. Yet I believe with continued regular use your pores will begin to clear.

I rehomed Cocoa Mud Mask to a friend and asked for her feedback . She noticed improvement with congestion, her skin was softer and brighter. After using the mask twice in a week her esthetician commented on how her remaining congested pores were easily extracted. She loves this mud mask and sleeps in it… literally.

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Product: RAAW in a Jar Cocoa Mud Mask
What it is: A dead sea and kaolin clay mask
Claims: Deeply purifying and rejuvenating mask to tighten, hydrate and smooth
Ingredients: *natural sea silt (dead sea mud)*organic cocos nucifera (virgin coconut oil)*sodium bentonite (bentonite clay)*vitamin B5*pinus succinifera extract (amber extract)*allantoin USP (allantoin powder)* tocopheryl (vitamin E, non-gmo) *organic theobroma cacao (cocoa) butter*organic maranta arundinacea (arrowroot) powder*coffea robusta(coffee seed) oil*theobroma cacao(cocoa absolute)*
Application: Apply a thin layer on a clean face – wait 10-15 minutes or until dry
Where to buyRAAW in a Jar $38

Dead Sea Mud has a high concentration of salts, antioxidants, and minerals. It will help improve elasticity, minimize pores and signs of aging while gently drawing out toxins from the skin.

White Kaolin Clay contains silica that removes dead skin and promotes skin cell regeneration. It works deeply by reducing the production of sebum and eliminate toxins and oil from the skin.

Cocoa Absolute is known to promote circulation, blood flow and is a proven antioxidant and skin toning additive.

Coffee Seed Oil contains caffeine and antioxidants making it a powerful skin toner.

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