Prepping for Your Summer Escape with SummerSkin

Prepping for Your Summer Escape with SummerSkin YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Beauty Blogger

Summer is right around the corner, which means summer travel is approaching. I’m sure this is common among the female tribe, but every time we have a trip planned I have a shopping agenda. I’ll think of new must-have items while falling asleep at night. Shoes, Etsy items that would perfect an outfit… travel skin care. I mean, my flight action plan is pretty involved. I can’t be the only one.

Oversized sunglasses have several benefits, even if you’re not traveling: looking chic, avoiding eye contact because human interaction is just…no, hiding your face in the early AM, and the forgotten benefit of protection. The best sunglasses have frames big enough to cover the skin around your eyes and have polarized lenses with UV filters. If you’re shelling over hard earned $$$ for a pair you may as well have all bases covered.

I avoid reflective styles with cool mirrors, like aviators. They look badass but UV light bounces onto your cheeks, resulting in sun damage. I was a skeptic until one summer of wearing a pair. Popping my face into a woods lamp, I had a significant amount of new damage on my cheeks. Mortified I immediately tossed them and ran out to buy a new pair. Friends laughed at my ridiculousness, but uh… I’ll be the one laughing at 50. So, there.

I’ve been wearing various designer sunglasses for ages, never really in love with any of them. Maybe because I have a small child-sized face and everything makes me look ridiculous. Cue SummerSkin and my new obsession. Their Kitten style is killer: polarized, 100% UVA + UVB protection, and the frames wrap around to the max. I feel like they’re hugging my eyes in safety. I haven’t touched my other sunglasses since receiving these, no joke. SummerSkin feeds my obsession with sun protection and I’m eating it up. Can’t wait to take these on our next Santa Barbara trip!

What are your must haves for the summer? Because I need to buy all the things….


*Sunglasses provided by SummerSkin, making sun protection chic as hell.

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