The Only Nourishing Cream You Need To Heal Your Skin Barrier

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Nourishing Cream is a fantastic moisturizer designed for the majority with an ingredient deck to tame the unwanted skin symptoms. Think about everything that throws your skin out of balance, making it sensitive, dry, dehydrated, or dull. Over-exfoliating, retinoids, too many actives, harsh products, seasonal changes, travel, jetlag, diet… we could start a legitimate laundry list.

Nourishing Cream’s superpower is its ability to supply our skin with an effective combination of lipids. Why even care? Because our skin is comprised of many types lipids and when out of balance all hell breaks loose.

Lipid deficiency contributes to unwanted skin conditions like excessive dryness, dehydration, inflammation, and accelerated signs of aging. As we age, lipid production declines, impacting barrier function and our skin’s ability to heal properly. As a result, when our skin loses lipid production it’s no longer able to protect, self-repair, retain moisture, or naturally shed dead skin cells as it once could. Similar to what happens when your barrier has been compromised.

Lipids account for about 15% of the stratum corneum weight. Within that weight, 50% is composed of ceramides, approximately 15% fatty acids, and approximately 25% cholesterol.

Many skin symptoms we experience trace back to our skin barrier. Sarah Nicole’s Nourishing Cream corrects unwanted symptoms from living our daily lives with ingredients that support your skin’s natural ability to self-heal. You’ll find a blend of soothing anti-inflammatories, humectants, and vital lipids to bring balance back to your complexion.

When our skin barrier is healthy, our skin functions properly, which means all other supportive mechanisms can do their job to prevent acne, pigmentation, and slow down aging. As a result, it’s the foundation of healthy, vibrant skin. Oil production becomes regulated, sensitivities minimize or completely go away, and our skin can maintain proper hydration levels.

Nourishing Cream’s texture is lovely and whipped, allowing the cream to be manipulated and blended into your skin without absorbing too quickly. Experience sensations of your skin being hugged, cradled, and embraced with comfort, reinforcing you’re doing good things for your skin.

For instance, back in July, we moved from Dallas to Denver. As we drove through West Texas, my car registered steamy 117 degrees with the air conditioner blasting. My already sensitive skin was livid. Extreme conditions upset my skin barrier: extreme dryness, dehydration, irritation and highly sensitized.

While I allowed my skin to heal, I kept my skincare routine simple and relied on Nourishing Cream to restore balance. To be honest, I was excited about the perfect opportunity to performance test! It didn’t take my skin very long to return to normal, Nourishing Cream passed with flying colors. What I didn’t expect was how soothing it felt on my hot skin! Truly, it was so comforting for my compromised skin.

So, who should add Nourishing Cream to their regimen? Just about everyone.

For instance, if you have sensitive skin, this moisturizer will help minimize sensitivity, reactivity, redness, even symptoms of rosacea, while providing confidence your skin won’t have an unexpected meltdown.

Next, if your skin doesn’t feel like it’s usual self, whether you’re more dry, oily, flaky, or sensitive, this moisturizer will bring your skin back to normal. In particular, normal, dry and dehydrated skin will absolutely love it, as it feels moisturizing without being too heavy while combating chronic dryness and dehydration. Even combination and oily skin types who suffer from dehydration will benefit from Nourishing Cream.

However, if you exfoliate or use retinoids often, you should definitely put Nourishing Cream on your shopping list! The formula helps your skin repair overnight, preventing symptoms of doing too much from occurring. You may even be able to increase your frequency without crossing the line of over processing your skin.

Finally, if you suffer from acne, use skincare to address aging or sun damage, and feel dry and crispy from your treatment products, Nourishing Cream is definitely for you. When using this moisturizer with a daily SPF, your breakouts will heal better, which means your acne marks won’t be as bad. Plus, the dryness you experience from all that salicylic acid will no longer be an issue.

Nourishing Cream ($49.99) is available at

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