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Dallas, let me introduce you to your local hidden gem and holistic esthetician, Wendi Hardage of Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary!

Totally by accident, I stumbled upon this little oasis back in December.

My birthday falls a week before Christmas, so naturally, I like to splurge on a little treat yo’ selfin’ since I’m competing with holidays. This past year I was competing with Hannukah AND Christmas. December babies understand me! I milk my birthday for all it’s worth.

Leading up to my celebratory weekend I began researching options. I wanted a facial, but something different, an experience I knew Dallas didn’t offer. Instead, I opted for shopping and began scouring Yelp for options.

While researching beauty shops for brands I’ve had my eyes on, I stumbled upon what I was SO convinced Dallas didn’t have! An experience totally different from everything else offered in the city.

Lo and behold I found…


Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary!



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We’re talking crystals, Gua Sha, bohemian chic decor; a high vibe retreat hidden in East Dallas. Oh, and facials featuring Laurel Skin, a plant-based skincare line.

Laurel Skin’s ingredient sourcing is on point, either using plants from her farm or local farmers from Northern California she’s cultivated relationships with, and the prices are reasonable. Referred to as “slow beauty”, nourishing skincare to feed your skin with beautiful aromas.

When I found Misaotra and saw the studio carries Laurel, I was all in. 

I’ve been low-key obsessed with Laurel Skin every since playing with samples from visiting Sesen Skin Body in Denver. You could say I’m high-key obsessed after my facials with Wendi.

I wanted a nourishing, plumping, deeply loved on glow using amazing plant-based skincare, and Misaotra’s 90-minute Holistic Skin Ritual fit the bill. Every treatment begins with a foot soak ritual, an affirmation reading, aromatherapy, and crystals.


YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary consultation foot soak foot bath relaxing tea shabby chic bohemian


After my facial in December, I was stupidly relaxed. Like, drooling-on-the-table-someone-needs-to-wake-me-up-before-I-start-talking-in-my-sleep kind of relaxed. I hope it’s the same reaction my own clients have after visiting my treatment room! Not only was I next level relaxed, my skin glowed for days.

I loved the experience so much I asked Wendi if she would be interested in having her studio featured on the blog. Now here we are, I get to share this gorgeous space with you all!

Wendi added a few fun treatments to her menu since my last visit. Lucky me (no really, I feel like the luckiest girl), she found a way to fit each into our treatment last month so I could experience both. One thing you’ll never see me do: deny being a beauty guinea pig!


you guys, these facial treatments aren’t to be missed


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Have you guys seen Gua Sha being featured everywhere lately? It’s an Eastern beauty tool capable of lifting, toning and supporting lymphatic drainage, but it does so much more. Specifically, the Gua Sha tool pictured above from Nefeli.

Nefeli’s tools are hand cut jade, and each side has it’s own unique technique for different purposes, allowing treatments to work on a deeper, energetic level within the skin and balance meridians–similar to acupuncture or acupressure. Nefeli’s Gua Sha tool has been on my wishlist for a while, I’ll eventually get my hands on one for myself! Finally being able to experience a treatment was blissful, to say the least.

Strokes are gentle with a light touch, gently working at improving circulation, breaking up stagnation, lifting and toning muscles. Never think “light” means change isn’t happening, your skin is receiving sweet loving, and the post-facial lift is as noticeable as the glow.

You can read more about Misaotra’s Gua Sha treatments here.


add some high vibe relaxation with crystal grid facials


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Another treatment piquing my interest: mystical crystal grid facials.

You guys know how I’ve become a major crystal loving weirdo, I couldn’t contain my excitement to experience crystals all ova’ my face!!

Wendi utilized a combination of crystals for detoxing, placing each in a specific grid pattern, and massaging tourmaline quartz across my cheekbones.



To be completely honest with ya’ll, when I’m experiencing facials to share with you on the blog, I’m always “on”.  Essentially it’s work, I’m asking questions, interviewing–it’s all fun and relaxing, but there’s a mission behind being on the table.

Well, I had to be woken up for photo ops because I was out.

Completely. Out.

Somewhat embarrassing, but like I said I was otherworldly relaxed. Barely comprehending why I was being woken from my beauty sleep to take pictures because… oh, duh, that’s right I’m working.

Here’s a video of me, half asleep, trying to shoot the crystal work in action. My heavy eyes remind me of Mr. Snuffleupagus! haha


in summary, you need to experience a holistic Laurel Skin facial


Receiving facials is something I like to think I’m well versed in. From my days as a lead esthetician and hiring for the spa I work for to traveling and experiencing local spas, I’ve had many hands of varying technique touch my face.

I realize that last sentence could translate weird, but we’re rolling with it. 

What Wendi is creating at Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary is special, she’s someone to keep your eye on in the Dallas scene. I feel confident in saying you’ll hear her name pop up in the future.

Two weeks post-laser treatments for acne scarring, and 90-minutes after a nurturing Misaotra facial, my skin is incredibly HAPPY!


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*When you love an experience so much you ask for seconds to partner up with another amazing esthetician. My second treatment at Misaotra Beauty Sanctuary was provided in exchange for sharing the experience with you!




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