Do You Know How to Care for Your Sensitive Rosacea Skin?

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Rosacea fam, look no further for your guide on how to care for your sensitive skin. Unfortunately, you have a lot of rules to abide by and it can feel high maintenance. Know your due diligence will keep your flare-ups minimized, redness reduced, and skin healthy. There’s a bonus to this guide: many of these tips can apply to sensitive skin as well! Both skin conditions should be treated delicately with caution always a priority.

Let’s start with the things you need to avoid: dairy, spicy foods, cleansing with hot water, hot yoga, steam… really anything topically or internally that raises your temperature can be a trigger.

When you’re out shopping for products claiming to be for sensitive skin, double check the ingredient deck. Be aware of fragrance, scrubs, sulfates, alcohol, witch hazel, and drying ingredients. Rose is a vasodilator with the ability to cause red flushing to your skin. It isn’t harmful but may cause an unwanted increase in pink tone.

When it comes to professional treatments, communicate with your esthetician, let them know the details of your skin. Typically, aggressive treatments need to be avoided. That said, every sensitive and rosacea skin condition is subtly different, so a very, very gentle sweep of microdermabrasion may not be triggering for some while others can hardly tolerate the fibers of a hand towel. Choosing a hydrating or calming facial is your best option but really, almost any treatment can be customized by your esthetician to fit your skin’s needs. Need help finding a good esthetician? I got’chu.

Don’t you hate being told no?! Me too. Let’s talk about what you can do with sensitive rosacea skin.


You can exfoliate.

Again, every rosacea skin is different so listen to your skin, pay attention to how it reacts, and always spot test new products. Some sensitive skin types will receive enough exfoliation from using a hand towel while cleansing. If you’re wanting more, look for enzyme treatments, low percentage acids, or a gentle retinoid serum. No scrubs!


You can cleanse.

Duh, right? Gentle cleansers without sulfates or fragrance are your face friends. If you’re oily, look for foam/mousse cleansers, and dry skin types will benefit from cream cleansers. When in doubt, La Roche Posay Hydrating Gentle Cleanser is always a safe bet. I’m cautious of suggesting oil cleansers for skin experiencing inflammatory conditions, so use them with discretion.


You can nourish. 

Masks and serums are a great way to gently replenish, calm, and hydrate your sensitive skin. I don’t have rosacea but I am sensitive, so I have a few favorites to share with you! When it comes to masking, Skinceuticals Phyto Corrective Mask ($57) or Skinceuticals Biocellulose Mask ($120) are both super effective and can live in your fridge! Phyto Corrective Mask is ideal for frequent or weekly soothing while Biocellulose is great for intense flare-ups and travel.

Here’s your secret weapon: ensuring your lipid balance is in check will make a world of difference in how inflamed or pink your skin is. What results can you expect? A reduction in inflammation, redness, rosacea bumps, even improved texture. It works like magic for your sensitive skin, keeping your complexion comfortable and happy. You can achieve this by using a moisturizer like Nourishing Cream.


You can play.

I have two tools I like suggesting for calming. The first one is a jade roller, known for calming as the stones remain cool to the touch whether or not you store it in your fridge. Then there’s the holy grail of soothing: the ice roller. Not only can you use it when your rosacea or sensitive skin is triggered, but it’s equally awesome for eczema or contact dermatitis anywhere on the body. Other benefits include de-puffing, shrinking pores, and making your skin feel alive. I can’t be without mine!

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4 thoughts on “Do You Know How to Care for Your Sensitive Rosacea Skin?

  1. Could you please comment on the skin of ladies with lupus? I have always had sensitive skin that reddened easily , but I have the “butterfly “ rash on my face now .

  2. Thank you for this! I’m not sure whether I have rosacea, but I do have sensitive skin that turns red easily. I also have a lot of broken capillaries and this summer they’ve gotten worse (I’m only 27). How can I treat and prevent those? Could they be caused by using acids too often? I rotate between differin and Paula’s choice 2% BHA (every other day) and Paula’s choice 10% AHA (used every other week). Thanks!

    1. Over exfoliating, heat, aggressive scrubs, Clarisonic can all create broken capillaries. It’s very possible your routine is too much for your skin but it’s hard to tell without seeing your skin in person. The best way to get rid of them is with laser!

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