KBeauty: Sheet Masks

KBeauty: Sheet Masks

I feel like I’ve been living under a rock. Before starting You Glow Gal I had no idea how big of a deal KBeauty [aka Korean Beauty] had become in the States, seemingly overnight! KBeauty is all about creating bright, dewy complexions… I can get down with that. And I did. Now I’m obsessed.

Shopping resources, thanks to the internet, are consistently improving. My poison of choice is Peach and Lily, they carry brands I can’t find elsewhere, including high-end labels… you know, my weakness. The ladies over there are super friendly and willing to answer any random question you may come up with! As I get around to testing everything I’ve purchased [there’s a lot], I’ll share them with you. Today we’re starting with sheet masks.

Korean sheet masks are thin, pliable sheets saturated in essence [think American serums] that you leave on for 20-45 minutes, depending on provided instructions. You shouldn’t leave masks on longer than instructed–they can actually pull moisture back out of skin!! They’re available for a variety of concerns: brightening, firming, hydrating, and purifying. Even though you look like a burn victim for a little bit your skin will look incredible! After testing out the 3 below I immediately placed an order with another variety, I’m hooked!

Insolution Mediu Amino Clearing Mask: This brand boasts as being one of Korea’s best-selling masks, and they’re tested by dermatologists. The mask leaves all skin types super moisturized, radiant, and even-toned.
Experience: Floral aroma…and the essence doesn’t taste good. Not that I attempt to taste products I’m testing but the masks are too big for my tiny face. My skin felt deeply hydrated and moisturized. After becoming plumped with hydration the fine line on my forehead was barely noticeable. My skin tone was brighter, acne scars immediately appeared lighter. The next AM my skin was radiant and supple…by far my favorite mask of the lot.Wh
Where to buy: Peach and Lily $6 each


KBeauty: Sheet MasksShangpree Snail Moisture Mask: Unless you’re out of the loop, like me, you know snail mucin is a hot ingredient for its hydrating and repairing benefits. Snail mucin is composed of glycolic acid and elastin, so it’s going to strengthen your skin’s natural barrier and help heal scars and wrinkle damage. Pretty cool, yeah?
Experience: I feel like the scent was neutral, almost nonexistent. My skin felt hydrated with a slight lightening of acne scars. The next AM my skin was definitely brighter. I’m a fan of this one! While I wasn’t initially as impressed as I was with Insolution a friend mentioned my skin was more glowy than usual, soooo that’s awesome.
Where to buy: Peach and Lily $6 each

Mizon Enjoy Vital-Up Time Whitening Mask: First off, if you have a tiny face like me Mizon masks fit PERFECTLY. This whitening mask uses a White Flower Complex: Madonna Lily, Edelweiss, and Lilly of the Valley. The blend will aid in moisture retention, improve blood circulation, and maintain radiance. It also has Mizon’s Vital Essence blend of conditioners and moisturizers.
Experience: My least favorite of the three. By comparison, my skin was minimally brighter and the others aren’t even marketed for whitening! My skin felt moisturized but not deeply hydrated as I would expect.
Where to buy: Peach and Lily $3.50 each, Amazon $17.49 for 10

So tell me! What are your favorite sheet masks? What should I try next?



6 thoughts on “KBeauty: Sheet Masks

    1. Aww thanks!! We have one here but it’s kinda far away…it’s on my to-do list. With my luck I’ll prefer what’s harder to get my hands on lol

  1. The Insolution Mediu Amino Clearing Mask sounds really great, but it’s always annoying when the mask doesn’t fit well and the serum starts getting everywhere. $6 a sheet is really expensive though, and in comparison AliExpress is so much cheaper! Do you know if the ones sold on AliExpress are real?

    1. I have to admit my face is abnormally tiny! I have a hard time shopping for sunglasses/hats, so it will probably fit most people much better than myself. My first AliExpress order is on the way but that particular shop has high ratings, I felt comfortable suggesting them. A friend of mine orders from various sellers frequently without any issues.

    2. Hey Jenny! Wanted to let you know I removed Aliexpress as an option for these masks. I ordered a few items from a different highly rated seller and received fake product. The seller I linked to could be legit, but I’d rather not risk it. I did place an order through eBay for Leader masks, they were the real deal!

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