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Last year Dallas was graced by the presence of Joanna Czech, the famed celebrity esthetician who has worked with the Queen of Vogue, Anna Wintour. If that means nothing to you, we can’t be friends.

Joanna is nothing short of what you would expect, effortlessly fabulous. I find European estheticians to be the most enchanting women, and that’s how I felt during our consultation. I could listen to Joanna all day, curled up in one of her cashmere blankets.

The spa has an ultra-luxe feel: bright and airy with natural light, giving warmth to the white marble interior. In the reception area you’ll find modern seating, Brunello Cucinelli throws, and walls lined with some of the hottest brands in European skincare. Take the time to cozy up and relax with a Nespresso while you wait for your facial to begin.

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While most people would be in awe of her star-studded client list I found another reason to be giddy over my upcoming facial: Joanna Czech and team are trained on Biologique Recherche. Never heard of it? Don’t feel bad, it takes a bit of researching for American beauty aficionados to get their hands on the cult French line.

In the beauty community, Biologique Recherche is famous for Lotion P50, the life-changing acid toner with a tingle. Biologique Recherche’s philosophy calls to assess the skin so the most appropriate treatment can be recommended to treat the epidermis. During a Biologique Recherche facial products containing high concentrations of active ingredients are applied to recondition the epidermis and aid in activating its regeneration properties, and the skin’s deeper structures. Like any professional treatment, each visit may be different than the last to treat your largest organ, your skin. Joanna Czech is one of five spas in Texas, two of which are in DFW, carrying the line. During my visit I experienced Oxylight LED Therapy, a treatment combining LED, Oxygen and Microcurrent technologies. Combined with Biologique Recherche, you’ve got yourself the ultimate red carpet treatment.

Joanna Czech Dallas YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Sarah Payne Dallas Hiatus Spa Beauty Blogger Skincare Esthetician Facial Review

I had stubborn cystic acne pop up the week before my treatment. Usually, I extract them myself, but when an esthetician with 25+ years of experience asks if they may have the honor… Well, you begrudgingly accept.

And I say begrudgingly because I not-so-secretly enjoy doing it myself. I’ve never laughed so much during extractions, a process that isn’t known for being fun. There were three estheticians in the treatment room, and when a juicy one released each of us responded in pure joy. Pus gave us life. Just kidding. Sort of.

After acne was properly attacked and swiped with high-frequency, the high-tech fun began. Avoiding extracted areas, light microdermabrasion was performed with a gentle diamond tip, painlessly removing the skin’s outermost surface layers. This step improves texture and leaves the skin more receptive to product penetration, oxygen and LED therapy.

Joanna Czech Dallas Review Biologique Recherche YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Sarah Payne Dallas Hiatus Spa Beauty Blogger Skincare Esthetician Facial

Next was a round of Microcurrent with red LED therapy, and I love Microcurrent. Not only does your face feel toned, tight, and contoured but the stimulation makes your skin glow afterward. Pores are nearly non-existing and TMJ seems alleviated (for me, at least).

Microcurrent works on a cellular level to stimulate the skin’s healing process, improve muscle tone and product penetration, and get the lymphatic system flowing. This particular device was quite stimulating for me, more so than I’ve experienced in the past. I could feel the muscles twitching and lost control over what my brows were doing. The combination with LED promotes collagen production, destroys harmful bacteria, and oxygenates and tightens skin.

At some point I blissed out while her apprentice, Rebecca, massaged my hands while Joanna worked my neck, shoulders, and scalp. It was one of the most amazingly ridiculous experiences I’ve had. [Side note: keep your eyes out for Rebecca. She has a wonderful touch and will be performing facials in the near future!]

Each Oxylight facial is customized with LED to meet your skin’s needs. My service included Blue LED to treat acne, Red LED to stimulate cells and release ATP  (energy for healthy cells), and Green LED to improve hyperpigmentation, inhibiting melanin production to the basal layer of the skin (our deepest layer).

While LED lights rotate Oxygen sprays through with vitamins to heal. But, what’s unique about this system is that it’s taking air from the treatment room and changing it into 95% pure oxygen, and that’s healthier for your skin. At this point, I was left to chill out under my little light canopy for while before Joanna returned to layer a few products and complete the facial.

Joanna Czech Dallas Review YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Sarah Payne Dallas Hiatus Spa Beauty Blogger Skincare Esthetician Facial

Afterward, my skin was bright and glowing with clear pores. The muscles of my face felt tight, firm and stimulated. A few sunspots that were beginning to show appeared lighter.

Normally my cysts go through 2 or 3 rounds of coming to a head before disappearing, but after this treatment, they permanently retired. Joanna says during your third facial she’ll share her dirty jokes with you. Not going to lie, that was enticing enough to have me contemplating my next visit.


Joanna Czech Dallas YouGlowGal Sarah Payne


FYI: Joanna Czech is located in the Victory Park neighborhood with ample street and garage parking. However, once construction is complete that may change as Victory Park is sure to be one of Dallas’ hottest hoods. Facials with Joanna start at $300 and go up for more advanced treatments. Along with Biologique Recherche, you’ll find retail skin care from La Mer, Environ, REN, Tatcha, and Omorovicza. Booking and menu info can be found here.

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