Introducing Heliocare: the Supplement Offering Protection from UV Sun Damage

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Unless we choose to, we never stop learning. I’m forever reading, digging the internet for the latest beauty news, poking around social media for thoughts from professionals more knowledgeable than myself.

Every now and again I’ll find an interesting article from beauty mags. Recently, Allure shared a story about the future of beauty, covering the future of antioxidants. Dermatologist Whitney Bowe shares insight on antioxidants being used in treating acne, among other known benefits related to anti-aging and preventing sun damage. She name drops Heliocare as her go-to for patients.

So, naturally… I buy it. 

I’m a big fan of topical antioxidants, finding ways to sneak them into my diet is important to me as well. Clearly, my interest in how diet affects our skin has piqued this year. The interest is growing, I’ve only scratched the surface.

Heliocare excites me.

I know it’s been around a while, for whatever reason I’ve ignored it until now.


what can Heliocare do for you?



In the article, Dr. Bowe mentions benefits for those of us suffering from acne, melasma, rosacea, and pollution-driven aging. The extract from Polypodium Leucotomos Fern boasts exceptional anti-inflammatory properties and has long been used for additional UV-protection.

A quick Google Scholar search provides a number of studies supporting claims of reducing sunburns and symptoms for those with sun-related allergies.

Studies supporting other claims are limited, however promising, and I’m willing enough to guinea pig myself in the name of vanity! haaaa.

I’ve only started taking Heliocare a few days ago and plan on keeping it in my routine for a while to see how things go, although I’m unconvinced it’s a supplement where results are obvious outside of preventing burns.

But I burn easily, so the benefits remain.

As always, I’ll update you guys as I progress! Stay tuned.


I’d love to discuss with you! Have you tried Heliocare, did you notice any improvements? Is there another antioxidant supplement you swear by? Drop it below. xo



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