I’m Totally Addicted to Thrive Market and Finally Joined

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I’ve been talking about Thrive Market for a while. After much deliberation, I finally pulled the trigger and joined. You guys have been asking me what my favorite foods are, what to buy from Thrive, if it’s worth it, etc. It’s amazing for foodies, whether you’re into healthy finds or clean junk food.


So, is it worth it? It really depends.


If you live somewhere without access to healthy foods, it’s totally worth it. After comparing to shopping at Whole Foods I decided it was worth the annual membership. Some of my pantry items are WAY cheaper and I’m able to find brands my store doesn’t carry. Thrive Market makes it super easy to shop for specific diets, too.

BTW, I totally have my cheat days. I share my health food finds a lot because I’m kinda obsessed with it but I promise I eat like a normal human too! When we eat out all bets are off, so when we’re at home I try to be as healthy as possible. I LOVE to snack! Keeping healthy snacks around that I won’t feel guilty about is important to me. Feeling guilty about food is the worst. What’s funny is I never feel guilty about downing really delicious bad for you food, like fried chicken. Just crappy food, like a late night Domino’s delivery.

I’ll never feel guilty about gravy or mayo.

Never.  #balance

Having foods free of dairy and soy is a priority, particularly while I figure out my hormonal acne situation. I’m having my hormones tested next week, the next step will be a food sensitivity test, so being able to shop for diet restrictions is a huge plus for me.

If you don’t follow me on IG this probably sounds 100% random! I stopped taking my acne medication a month ago since I consistently deal with hormonal cysts, it’s been picking up in frequency and I’m over it.


moving along, my FAVE Thrive Market snacks!


Go Raw’s Sprouted Live Chocolate Granola reminds me of a health food chocolate waffle cone. The flavor is mild, but  I don’t always want something super sweet. Just enough to curve cravings.

Finding protein bars low in sugar is kind of a pain. Primal Kitchen are a staple for me now! I keep them around for when hunger kicks in too early between clients, when I forget to eat running errands, and before workouts. Low sugar, 15g protein, and super clean. They’re super chewy, but I don’t mind. I regularly buy these from Thrive, they’re significantly more affordable than Whole Foods by like 75 cents a bar.

I cannot get enough of Living Intentions Superfood Popcorn! Salsa Verde is my jam. Their turmeric flavor is amazing too, but that one seems to be MIA at the moment.

The let down I’ve purchased?

Nutritional Yeast is the biggest lie I’ve been told by vegans. That shit is nothing like cheese. Stop playing.


all the membership details


If you sign up for Thrive Market the best way to take full advantage is to sign up for a promotion. If you use my link you’ll receive an additional 25% off your first order.  I took advantage of a sign on bonus and stocked up on Sun Potion because it’s a freakin’ STEAL when you stack the already discounted price! I probably paid something like 50% less than retail on my first order.

You can cancel after 30 days before being charged the annual fee if you decide not to continue using their service, which I did the first time around and then ended up joining anyway.

TBH, I haven’t found a reason to not like Thrive. They run promotions all the time, like free items with purchases. I recently received a 6-pack of those Primal bars I love for spending $49 on items I already needed. Shipping is quick, customer service on point.

It’s been a win-win for me!

Thrive Market

I buy a LOT more than what was mentioned here. Let me know if you want more details, how I make my smoothies, more about Sun Potion, etc! xx


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2 thoughts on “I’m Totally Addicted to Thrive Market and Finally Joined

  1. I love Thrive Market too! I always forget to put my order in before I run out of things, though. Also, I’ve been watching your IG stories and posts and keep forgetting to tell you that my friend (another Sarah) stopped eating dairy years ago because she had cystic acne. She hasn’t eaten anything dairy in at least 5 years (including pizza), but her skin looks amazing! I hope you don’t have to to do that,though!

    1. I tend to buy back ups for my back ups so I never run out! Instead I run out of room in the pantry lol. It hasn’t been too hard cutting out diary, I don’t crave it, but it’s a hassle when going out to eat since it’s literally in everything. Time will tell! 💗

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