I Had Enough with Stupid Acne and Tested My Food Sensitivity

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After adjusting my lifestyle with the goal in mind to heal my gut, reduce inflammation, and correct my acne, I finally took a legit food sensitivity test.

If you’re just now tuning in, all the details on my path to healing cystic hormonal acne can be read here on the blog. I’ve shared the story on the last 5 years dealing with acne. In the last year, I become serious about shifting my diet. 

Diet was the #1 culprit to my acne and internal body being out of whack. During the healing process, I supplemented more than the average person. Most supplements were meant to reduce inflammation and balance hormones. Diet was where the major shift happened.

June of last year, I cut out dairy, gluten, and soy. By November I caved in and decided to partake in Whole 30, taking things a step further. You see, I had already spent quite a bit on having my hormones tested, so spending money on a food sensitivity test was out of the cards for me. I was fortunate to have some insight into what I needed to tackle after visiting Sesen in Denver, this was my educated starting point.

I experienced major improvement after Whole 30 but I was miserable going out to eat with friends. Was I going to have a breakout if I indulged? Am I being a total pain in the ass? Oh, shit, I can’t eat my favorite gluten coma-inducing foods?! That part was zero fun. Having anxiety over food is not something I enjoy. Food is my love language, y’all.

My body felt incredible though. I felt healthy, more energetic, more clarity of mind, and my skin stayed acne-free if I steered clear of my trigger foods. Clear skin over food anxiety, amiright?

One day, my anxiety over not knowing, combined with being broke, lead me to a food sensitivity test on Groupon. The caveat being it was a hair test; they aren’t known to be all that accurate. Blood tests are where it’s at.

Results came back listing salmon (um, excuse me?), strawberries (lol, no), cow’s milk, gluten, barley, and a couple of others escaping me at the moment. I took the feedback with a grain of salt, regretting the $30 I had spent and back to avoiding gluten, dairy, and soy. All the salmon and strawberries remained.

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There are a LOT of food sensitivity test options on the market! Between friends experiences and influencers I trust, I decided to reach out to Everlywell. I shared my story with them and here we are!

The process is simple: stab your finger, bleed your own blood, leave a few signs of struggle on the included card, and mail your kit back in. I wish I had saved the video of me lancing my finger and squealing like a baby, you guys would have had a good laugh. Truly, it doesn’t hurt, it just surprised me more than anything. Also, I’m a giant baby.

At this point in my healing process, Everlywell would show me what my body is sensitive to now, not what it struggled with a year ago. The test will only show sensitivity to foods you’ve recently consumed, within the last 30-45 days if I remember correctly. Lucky for me, I cheated on my diet restrictions often enough that I knew my main foods, dairy, and gluten would be present in my body.

I received the best news ever, you guys! Wheat and gluten came back as being LOW REACTIVITY. 🎉 No foods came back as being highly reactive. Lastly, I experience moderate reactivity to peanuts, cashews, bananas, and mozzarella cheese. There was a slew of mild and low reactive foods but they’re not concerning to me since my body feels great. Best of all my skin is clear!

Everlywell suggests partaking in an elimination diet with your highly reactive and moderately reactive foods. If you’re in a similar situation as me, I don’t feel the need to repeat Whole 30.

I’ve read multiple sources state that once your body is healed it can tolerate foods it couldn’t before. Taking Everlywell’s test made me feel like I did a decent job healing my body. I now have the confidence to experiment with my diet more and indulge. Not to say anyone should ever DIY their health. Be smart about your body and treat it well.

So, am I eating gluten-filled foods with no restraint? I kinda feel like I have my foodie life back. I’m less fearful than I have been in the past. I cheat more often, however, I do notice enjoying too much will mess with my gut. Gluten is known to cause inflammation, so I believe I shouldn’t eat it in excess. Now I enjoy it in moderation, similar to how I treat dairy.

I definitely think Everlywell’s food sensitivity test is worth trying. Before purchasing, I highly suggest reading their FAQ and instructions prior to purchasing so you have your ducks in a row, but I couldn’t be happier with my new found food freedom.

You can purchase the Everlywell food sensitivity test on their site (my link will give you 12% off) or you can find the test on Amazon.

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