Hydropeptide Cleansers Review: a Triple Threat

Hydropeptide Cleansers Review: a Triple ThreatHydropeptide Cleansers have quickly replaced every cleanser I used to keep in my bathroom. The fact that I only have three cleansers in rotation right now is crazy talk. #productjunkieproblems Anyone who knows me is aware of my Hydropeptide obsession… this brand delivers, smells amazing, and packaging is just so pretty! I have other brands to try and review, I pinky swear.

Hydropeptide is a result driven anti-aging line repeating peptides throughout each product, creating collagen and glowing, happy skin. A little bit goes a long way! I could ooh and ahh over all the little details with you, but I won’t bore you, so we’ll move on.

Hydropeptide Cleansing Gel 
My ride or die. Cleanse, tone, AND remove makeup… even water-proof mascara. I use Cleansing Gel as my pre-cleanse and follow up with one of the next two cleansers. Gentle gel with little foaming, great for all skin types, even sensitive skin and leaves your skin feeling fresh and hydrated.
Stellar Ingredients:
Triple Action Peptide strengthens collagen and reduces hardening of collagen
Foaming Peptide offers sulfate-free cleansing and hydrating foaming
5% Lactic Acid + Sebacic Acid to gently exfoliate and control oil
Witch Hazel + Geranium balance the skin’s PH
Chamomile, Allantoin + Cucumber soothe existing inflammation and irritation

Hydropeptide Exfoliating Cleanser
If my skin doesn’t feel smooth or drier than usual, I reach for Exfoliating Cleanser. While oily skin can use this occasionally it’s better suited for normal to dry skin. In the treatment room I use this after Cleansing Gel and holy crap does it brighten everyone’s skin tone! This delivers a deep cleanse, leaving your skin hydrated and glowing.
Stellar Ingredients:
Triple Action, Relaxing + Antioxidant Peptides strengthen collagen, reduce hardening, prevent collagen breakdown, AND fight expression lines by blocking the muscle contractions [like Botox, but natural]
Moisture Binding + Foaming Peptides increase hydration
Jojoba Beads + Buffered 10% Glycolic Acid exfoliates and increases cell turnover revealing brighter skin
Green Tea + Ginseng provide free radical protection and stimulate collagen

Hydropeptide Purifying Cleanser
Purifying Cleanser stays in rotation often since I struggle with hormonal acne. It’s my favorite to use after a workout to deep cleanse my skin. The least drying acne cleanser I’ve ever experienced, it leaves your skin feeling hydrated and soft. Since it contains clarifying clays it doubles as a mini-mask, too! Often times I leave a thin layer on after pre-cleansing, steam in the shower while it draws out impurities, and go over it with my Clarisonic. Ah-maze-zing.
Stellar Ingredients:
Clarifying Peptide disrupts acne bacteria and neutralizes pro-inflammatory bacteria
0.5% Salicylic + Mandelic Acid to gently exfoliate and increase cell turnover
Boswellia, Chamomile + Honey soothe and protect skin from over-drying and irritation
Tea Tree Oil, Bentonite + Kaolin reduces acne bacteria and draws out impurities

2 thoughts on “Hydropeptide Cleansers Review: a Triple Threat

  1. I love the exfoliating cleanser, but I’ve had trouble with a petroleum smell and thick consistency even when buying it from authorized sellers. From the local spa it’s thinner and smells of clean lemon. Do you have any other favorites I could try out that might be more reliable (or less expensive?) Or should I stick to buying it in person? Thank you!

    1. Have you tried contacting the retailer or Hydropeptide? That’s definitely not normal. The only similar cleanser I can think of right now is Aveda’s tourmaline cleanser but it’s very different, and I don’t care for it…

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