How to Heal Your Skin After Over Exfoliating

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Picture this: you’ve been taking REALLY good care of your skin, you’re loving how it looks and feels. You recently purchased an exfoliating serum everyone’s raving about on social media. But within a week or so your skin seems to have turned on you like it’s ANGRY as hell.

Maybe it’s burning, itchy, really dry and flaky. Your face feels tight constantly, but not in the good way like you just had a facelift. More like you feel as if your face could crack at any second. You’re Googling away when you stumble upon an article and all the dots connect.


you’ve been over exfoliating the whole time


We’ve all been there, don’t feel ashamed or guilty about it. Most of us over exfoliate, I see it all the time in the treatment room. Even I make the mistake of overdoing it with acids or retinol, I like playing in new products and I have sensitive skin. I mean what’s a girl to do, you know??

Everyone will vary in frequency, our skins are all different and change all the time. Sensitive skin types won’t be able to exfoliate as often as thicker skin, and that is OKAY. It doesn’t mean your skin won’t receive the same benefits, your needs are just different.  If you feel any of the symptoms of over exfoliating, no worries. I have solutions for you, I always have your back here!


let’s heal our skin now, k?


The problem is that our skin’s barrier has been destroyed by scrubs, acids or retinol. We can bring it back to life though, it just needs time to heal.

First, we step away from our exfoliants and give our skin a break. This can take anywhere from a few days up to a few weeks depending upon on bad we let it get.

Then we help our skin repair. Think juicy, nourishing products. The ones you might have ignored because they didn’t have your favorite exfoliating ingredient. Gentle creamy or oil based cleansers, nourishing moisturizers, and facial oils.

Keep it simple! Cleanse, maybe apply a hydrating serum, a moisturizer and in the evening apply a layer of oil on top. Doing so will act like a sealant, not allowing any moisture to escape your skin and prevent that uncomfortable feeling.

If you feel like you did a number on your skin and the barrier needs some extra TLC, use a balancing and hydrating cream like Sarah Nicole Skincare Nourishing Cream. The ingredients are designed to repair and heal compromised barriers. My fave ice roller would probably feel amazing too!


sit back relax & let your skin do its thing


When you start back on your exfoliation grind follow up with anti-inflammatory and soothing ingredients and maintain using nourishing moisturizers and/or oils afterward. Proper exfoliation creates smooth, refreshed, glowing skin. If you continue to have issues re-evaluate your exfoliating products, it’s possible your product just isn’t right for your skin type! When in doubt, find an esthetician to guide you through finding the perfect balancing routine.


What’s your go-to when you know you’ve overdone it on your skin?? Mine is usually May Lindstrom’s Blue Cocoon, I love how calming it is! Comment below with any crazy stories you have with over exfoliating… I’ll share mine! xx



11 thoughts on “How to Heal Your Skin After Over Exfoliating

  1. Hi! Everytime I exfoliate my chin and nose start to become rough the very next day. No other part doesn’t it apart from those two. Do you have any idea why? I’m so stuck ☹

  2. Hii
    I think i have over exfoliated
    But in a long term..
    Becuz my skin in that part i used masks alot is red hot and dry nonhydrated and becomes redder and hotter by the stress or feelings..i dont know how to heal it
    I think it was about a year that i have overexfoliated and overmasked my face
    Would u help me?

  3. Hi. I think my face over-exfoliate. Would you suggest if I have to cut off toner such as Benton Aloe BHA toner or Cosrx Low Ph Cleanser because it contain salicylic acid?

    1. If you suspect you’re over-exfoliating cut out anything with exfoliating ingredients for a bit and gradually add them back in with less frequency

  4. Would you recommend cutting everything (the AHA’s,BHA’s, Retinols, Enzymes) completely? Or easing yourself off?

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