The How to Guide for Finding a Good Esthetician

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Finding a qualified esthetician has the potential to be just as stressful as searching for any other professional. Whether you’re hunting for an OBGYN, hairstylist, or another service provider we want the best, right? And, like, right now… kthx.

We’re not just concerned with quality, value, and experience level, but we want our providers to have a good bedside manner. A bangin’ personality is the fluffy icing on top, it’ll seal the deal. We’ve all experienced someone who comes across as a miserable cow, has an air of hating their job, or lacked the care and intent we’re paying for. Ain’t nobody got time for that, let alone paying for a lackluster treatment.

You know why regular facials are important and you even have the tools needed to get a budget-friendly facial. Now let’s help you find the perfect esthetician!

Spoiler alert: finding a good esthetician isn’t as impossible as it may seem. There is no shortage of amazing estheticians out there, you just need to know how to find them.


When in doubt, ask for the Lead Esthetician

When in doubt, ask for the Lead Esthetician. Of course, this only applies to a spa setting, not solo skin therapists. The Lead is usually in charge of scheduling training for their team, which can lead to continuing education being a personal priority, keeping everyone’s mind fresh with new ideas and technology. They’re typically in charge of hiring, communicating with brands, and many other factors that bring opportunities to broaden knowledge. If a spa doesn’t have a Lead, ask for the most experienced esthetician. Usually, the staff will be honest. If they don’t know, it’s OKAY to ask the person on the phone to follow up with an answer. You’re investing time and money, be picky, ask questions.

To clarify, by no means am I saying if you find yourself in the hands of a newly licensed esthetician will your experience be poor. I’ve been in a leadership role within a spa, I’ve interviewed a wide spectrum of skin therapists. I’ve meet green estheticians who have blown me away with their knowledge and technique, in addition to seeking top-notch education they were passionate about their career path.


Pay the Skin Expert premium

Don’t want to risk it, don’t have time to do the legwork in finding a skin expert? If you live near a major city, chances are you have access to a renowned celebrity esthetician. With clientele demanding a five-star experience, advanced techniques, high-tech equipment, and a therapist with endless knowledge, you can’t go wrong. These expert estheticians have spent years dedicating time to advancing their careers. In most cases, you won’t be saving dollars BUT it can take the stress out of hunting for you.

In my experience, these experts aren’t more knowledgeable or skilled than your neighborhood esthetician. While they’re experts at their craft, quite frankly you’re paying a premium to be touched by someone who may have given a facial to your favorite celebrity. Other factors that may increase pricing are the location of their spa, luxe product, state of the art technology and equipment, and offering a luxurious experience. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, it comes down to where YOU find value. Be your bougie bad self, girl.


Good old word of mouth & the Internet

How original, amiright? Finding reviews on skin experts is TOUGH, people tend to leave feedback on waxing, massage, or some other aspect of a business. But we still want to utilize Google, Yelp, Trip Advisor, and social media.

Keep an eye out for local “Best Of” publications. If you’re Googling, don’t neglect the results past page 1, sometimes you can find blogger reviews deep within search results. And maybe the most obvious solution, ask friends! I find people don’t always advertise they visit an esthetician regularly, it’s not uncommon for their peers to shame with an “oh, that must be nice” or “you’re wasting money”. My biggest pet peeve, don’t be that person, y’all. 


What if you need an esthetician and live in the middle of nowhere?

I promise you, there’s an esthetician waiting for you, but you might need to dig a little deeper. I did this for a girlfriend living in Podunk, USA:

Get your notes ready, pull up Google maps, and search the terms esthetician, facial, and spa. Don’t skip one, search all three because sometimes a business will pop up that didn’t show for a particular keyword. In less populated areas you’ll more than likely find less competition, so you’ll need to put your investigatory journalist hat on.

Reach out to each business, whether it’s a spa/salon or skin therapist with her own studio, and ask a few questions to gauge if they’re a good fit for you. Inquire how much experience they have, how often they’re working, how far in advance do you need to book. In some cases, if a nearby therapist appears to stay busy or it’s difficult to book a last-minute appointment with them it could be a sign they’re the individual women in your area run to. Experience and skill aren’t only found in major cities. You can bet a great esthetician will have clients flocking if they’re exceptional.


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