How To Get Glowing Skin From The Inside Out

How To Get Glowing Skin From The Inside OutYouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger

The idea of obtaining glowing skin with optimal nutrition and how diet affects how we feel and how our skin glows isn’t new. We’ve heard it before, you are what you eat. Eat crap and it shows on your skin. Blah, blah, blah.

But how many of us actually practice consuming a clean, well-rounded diet? I really wasn’t, until recently. Most days of the week I’m doing pretty well. Until the weekend…then all bets are off.

I receive questions on acne, rosacea, and how to get a healthy glow from you guys often. Instead of thinking along the lines of “what skincare product should I use?” think about what you’re putting inside your body.

If you’re unhappy with your skin it’s time to evaluate your diet. Gut health, vitamin and mineral deficiency, all play a role in your skin health. If bloodwork isn’t in the cards for you, do your research.

Stress plays a major factor, too. If your body is optimally running and cared for it can manage your stress levels far better.


 A little about my own personal nutrition journey….

I’ve talked about Vitamin D in the past, it made huge impacts on my hormonal cystic acne. It’s a pre-hormone, so it plays a major role in hormone health. More recently a client’s skin issues disappeared within 6-8 weeks of correcting her deficiency–smaller pores, smooth skin, no more inflammatory issues, a healthy glow.  We were both blown away by her improvement.

Beginning January I purchased my beloved little Nutri-Bullet, making green smoothies every AM, and I haven’t looked back. I found it’s the best way to give my body the nutrients it needs for the day. And I They’re nutrient dense, low in sugar, heavy on the protein, fats, and water.

You guys.

Nearly overnight my skin became so clear, my jawline cleared up, my skin GLOWED. Like really glowed. And my acne? It’s the best it’s been in years. I felt better, too. I was deficient in something…no clue what, but it doesn’t matter. My body and skin are happy.


The Best Glow Begins from the Inside YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger

This is what I take most days for glowing skin from the inside out.

Every morning I add Hydrolyzed Collagen Peptides to my coffee. It started as a vanity project for my skin but I found it helps my body digest food better.  You can’t taste anything, it’s a flavorless powder and loaded with protein. Also, probiotics for digestive health. I take these but they need to stay COLD so buy them locally if you can!

When it comes to smoothies I load up on fresh greens, chia seeds, coconut oil, and a very small handful of frozen berries. And water! I avoid sugar…just defeats the purpose. Then I add a scoop of Amazing Grass and all of my Moon Juice herbs–Maca, Ashwagandha, Ho Shou Wu, and Pearl. Add a sprinkle of local Bee Pollen on top for allergy relief. With everything, I’m getting loads of amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and my skin is loving it!

I’m kind of obsessed…. I have acai powder, cocoa nibs, and The Maca Team’s Premium Maca on the way.

Alright, so now we’re ready for the evening routine when I take all of my vitamins. I shop for plant-based, my stomach feels better than with other stuff. Vitamin D, a multivitamin, fish oil, and this magnesium powder is my favorite! It’s fizzy, so I mix it with La Croix and a lime.

My nightcap? Yogi Berry Detox Tea. So adulty.

It can be expensive to start but everything lasts a while! I shop for the most cost-effective option, but sometimes quality overrules quantity.

Remember–your body is unique, your needs and outcome may vary from my own. Once you’ve made adjustments to your diet and given it some time, then you can toy with your routine and add in new products to address your concerns!


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4 thoughts on “How To Get Glowing Skin From The Inside Out

  1. I’m a total believer in supplements, too, but the right supplements. Since I started a clear skin supplement (it’s got fish oil and vitamin D3, among other things) three months ago, I literally have not had one hormonal cystic acne breakout, which is a MIRACLE because I usually can set my calendar to my monthly breakout.

    1. Will you share what you’re taking? Curious what all is in it! I wish I had documented my acne a few years ago compared to now… total 360. Yay for happy skin 🙂

    1. It varies depending on physical activity and if I’ve spent time out in the sun. On days I’m getting no sunlight and had an intense workout, usually 5,ooo IU each. I self-diagnosed (I know…bad) and researched online to get my number though.

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