How to Find Your Zen At Home


One way I’ve managed to control my anxiety is by learning how to self-soothe. It might seem like a no-brainer but this was totally foreign to me!  It’s one of the things I’ve learned on healing myself.  Usually, I would fall into some other unhealthy habit… like eating my feelings, a few whiskeys, shopping on Poshmark, or any other number of things.

I still struggle with using shopping as a vice, I use YGG as an excuse to purchase things often. You know, a “business expense”… I can justify anything! haha

What’s really helped me though? Baths. I use to hate them! Now I relish in it, even crave them when my stress levels are insane.

I love my San Francisco Salt Co. products but when I’m having a shitty day luxe products make the experience next level. 

Seriously, think about it. What’s going to make your me time special, literally wash away whatever BS you’re stressing about? Regular bath products aren’t going to cut it… for me anyway. Legit pampering, please.


add some lush pampering in the mix


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Months back I obsessed over finding indulgent bath products, ended up purchasing everything here, and they’re all lovely. I love mixing and matching, creating a unique experience each time.

I am a sucker for anything neroli. Bathing in it makes me one happy chic, so stumbling upon Red Flower’s Hammam Neroli Cypress High Atlas Mineral Soak ($52) was an immediate add to my shopping cart. Pricy? 100% yes. I stretch it out with my fave Amazon salts. The sensory experience is out of this world though. Insert the drooling emoji here… totally splurge-worthy purchase.

If bubble baths are more your thing TokyoMilk Bon Bon Bubble Bath ($22) wide range of aromas will suit your fancy. Formulated with oils to keep skin soft and highly concentrated, each bottle will give you plenty of bubble mounds. Bottles are 16oz, all you need is a capful!

Back in February, I visited a spa in Coeur d’Alene where I formally introduced myself to Kerstin Florian. How does one formally introduce themselves to a brand? Shamelessly purchasing product of course! Their Rehydrating Neroli Water ($35) creates happy space, it’s a guilty pleasure I squirrel away for exceptionally stressful days.  The Kerstin Florian Heublumen Bath ($40) is luxe, earthy, and warming with a blend of essential oils including sage, thyme, and lavender. Combining the two is total bliss.


How to Find Your Zen At Home YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger


Don’t forget your candles!!! THEY’RE SO NECESSARY.


Let’s not pretend like we don’t want 10,000 candles surrounding the tub. My faves are Capri Blue ($28) (they’re out of Gardenia Fig but this one is just as gorgeous) and Voluspa Vermeil Blond Tabac Corta Maison Candle ($30).


Legit have myself craving a bath after sharing this with you guys! What are your must haves for decompressing??? xx



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