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Alright, ladies… let’s talk hair removal. Most of us have hair we don’t want somewhere on our body and we pay $$$$$ on services and treatments to get rid of it. Depending on your skin tone, hair type, etc. your method of choice varies but what if I told you there’s a device claiming to work hairless dreams for ALL of us?! Iluminage has your back, bikini line, lady ‘stache; whatever fuzzy body part you’re over waxing, plucking, and shaving.

While professional treatments will provide faster results, Iluminage works pretty damn well for a home reduction system. Like pro treatments, lasers provide permanent reduction, not removal. If you want full on permanent removal you need to look into electrolysis. Reduction can get you close to hair free, if not completely, and most women experience long-lasting reduction from laser treatments.  I’ve waxed plenty of bikini lines, asked about personal experiences, so I feel I have a decent idea of how long treatments last.

Reviews for Iluminage are solid, most experience worthy results with varying skin tones and hair types. I have to say, my own results were better than I anticipated! I have dark, coarse and light, fine hair with a light skin tone and I went through 7 treatments as suggested over a 7 week period. Light hair on light skin tones need to wax before treating an area, for that reason I avoided testing the device on my face… because you know, sensitive skin forever.


The verdict: Iluminage is legit.


My bikini line and underarms responded extremely well and even though I haven’t used the device in a few months my results are standing strong! I’m confident had there been no issues with natural deodorant (more on my natural deod nightmare later….ugh.) and able to continue treatments, I would be near-hairless. The remaining hair grows in lighter and fine, honestly I forget to shave all the time! Unfortunately, I couldn’t get good before and after shots… but trust me 1.) you don’t want to see those body parts, and 2.) it’s 3/4 away from being fully removed.

Iluminage Precise Touch will run you $245, not too shabby considering what you would pay on pro-treatments. You can find one at your usual suspects like Neiman’s, Nordstrom, and Sephora.


But in the meantime, you could try winning one…

Iluminage is all about sharing the love and provided a device for you guys! The giveaway is open to US & Canada, closes November 7th, 2016 at 11:59PM Central Time. Winner will be announced here shortly after. All entries must be submitted via widget below.  After you’ve entered comment and share your best and worst hair removal stories below!


Win Iluminage Hair Reduction System!

*Iluminage hair reduction device provided by PR for review consideration & giveaway

11 thoughts on “Legit Home Hair Reduction with Iluminage + Giveaway

  1. I suffer from PCOS and one of the many side effects is unpleasant hair growth. I have to get waxed at least once a week, in addition to using expensive prescription treatments $300 vaniqua creams, which do not remove hair, just slow the growth. — Saw a video last week of some arabic woman living over in the UK somewhere with a full on beard, like maybe 1.5 feet long. O_o then I suddenly stopped feeling so bad — but yeah would love to win this. Anything where I wouldn’t have to wax as often would be awesome, that stuff hurts lol.

  2. I remember when I was little I got into my parents razors and got cuts on my hand from holding the razor part not knowing:( But now my worst are ingrown hairs!

  3. Ingrown hairs & rash from waxing is my #1 issue, I would love to use a product that really works well & ends the waxing nightmares!

  4. This is such a great opportunity, thank you! Hopefully one day I’ll splurge on laser hair removal.. I always get razor burn from shaving 🙁 I need to look into sugaring though! xx

  5. I need this! I have hair on the back of my upper leg that grows in sideways and many times ingrown. I get lots of irritation from shaving. Waxing is getting so expensive so this little hair reduction device is what I need!

    1. I feel you! Cost aside I get so frustrated with waxing and shaving. I alternate until I’m totally over one method and then switch to the other. Good luck 🙂

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