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Holly Cline Skincare is among the best of the best in Seattle’s skincare offerings, ranking in the top 10 facials offered in the city, voted by locals…not just beauty editors. Sifting through the list I wanted a relaxing facial, sans fancy equipment which seems to be the trend for popular facials in Seattle. I didn’t want an aggressive facial either, seeing as how I would be on a flight home the next day. Irritated angry skin on a dehydrating flight? No thank you.

Meeting with Holly Cline is like seeing an old friend—she’s welcoming and warm with a great sense of humor. And she’s passionate about skincare, too.

If you want to talk for hours about skin she’s your girl. With her years of experience, she’s beyond qualified and knows her stuff, keeping up with what’s going on in the industry. She began with hair and makeup, and after battling acne received her esthetics education. Before setting off on her own she worked for high-end spas in Seattle and Los Angeles, she knows what a luxe experience should feel like.

Located in an unassuming, quiet building in the Queen Anne neighborhood, until you reach her suite. She has the modern-shabby-chic vibe down. Bright, airy, with high ceilings, the space is cheery even in Seattle’s overcast winters. You feel like you’ve transported into a chic oasis.

During my consultation, Holly is steeping loose-leaf tea. She keeps a pretty jar filled with this green tea-coconut-lemongrass blend that’s just…delicious. Cucumber herb water was available, too, but that tea was phenoms.


Holly Cline Skincare in Seattle
Image: @youglowgal via Instagram


Currently, Holly Cline Skincare is the only place in Seattle where you can experience a Dr. Alkaitis facial. Dr. Alkaitis is a 100% organic, raw plant-based skincare line that performs beautifully—that isn’t true of every natural/organic line out there. Everything in the range smells amazing and feels luxurious. Except for maybe the Organic Universal Mask… not that it smells bad, it just smells like food—a green juice. Green juice for your face that gives you a serious glow. Holly sells through so much product she has a hard time keeping it on the shelves—her clients love it THAT much.

So I have this theory…

I’ve received many facials with varying hand sizes. But I feel like, if your hands are small and soft, the facial massage is going to be off the charts.

Holly’s hands meet the criteria. I was busy running my mouth the entire time until the massage began with Organic Nourishing Treatment Oil and I was blissfully out. If you’re looking for painless extractions Holly’s got ya there, too. I didn’t flinch once and I’m a  baby about it (I’ve been called delicate flower).

Afterward, my skin was exceptionally dewy and I had a significant glow happening. More glowier than usual. Yeah, glowier. The BF mentioned my cheeks were looking red, which is boy speak for “pink flush of color” from all the botanical actives working.


Holly Cline Skincare in Seattle
Image: @youglowgal via Instagram


The conclusion? Holly Cline is talented, easily the sweetest human alive, and if you’re in the area, go see her. You won’t regret it.

FYI: I booked my February appointment in December because I’m an OCD planner. Being Valentine’s Day weekend Holly’s schedule may have been more hectic than usual, but to get your ideal time slot book in advance. She has clients who have been following her for 10 years! Holly Cline Skincare is located in a wellness building where you can find massage therapy, acupuncturist, and varying specialty’s to fine tune your body and relax. The facial menu is small but reasonably priced, facials are customized to your skin’s needs. You can find all the details here.

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