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Have you ever felt emotionally crazy? Like you need a release but a good cry just isn’t doing it? You’re running out of options to calm your anxiety, ears to listen, the voice of reason just isn’t surfacing. A few months back I sure as hell felt that way, a constant nagging that would just not go away. Thankfully I have some real cool friends doing really cool things at Good Vibes Energy Works

We’re going to get a little personal today. I’m debating on how deep I want to go here, while this site isn’t specifically about emotional health your overall wellbeing plays a role in your outer appearance. Your posture, how worn out you appear, how you feel physically, the effects on your skin, all of it is tied into your emotional health. I feel like I’m a personal testament. Since making shifts in my personal life I’ve been told I look younger now versus a few years ago, I seem brighter, calm, happy. I feel it in my bones. I hope that by sharing my story others will find the relief they’re looking for, too.

Truthfully, I can’t give all credit to my experience at Good Vibes Energy Works. I’ve made quite a few life changes and new habits within the last few months. It’s all holistic and intertwined, but I truly wouldn’t have gotten here as quickly without Cristin’s magic.

Let’s fill you in on the backstory. I went into therapy knowing I couldn’t fix anything on my own, but at the same time not thinking I had anything major to uncover.

I had a good childhood in your typical middle-class military family. Turns out it wasn’t so much about what I received and more about what I didn’t get. You know I didn’t even realize I had been experiencing anxiety my whole life? The intensity increased as an adult and has thankfully almost 100% subsided now. My life long anxiety was fueling insecurity, fear, a lack of connection and self-esteem. Let me tell you, learning you’re not as confident as you think you are is a reality checking punch to the stomach. Those self-checking emotional punches happened a lot during the discovery phase.

I broke up with my old therapist and started seeing someone new 4 months ago, right when I had unearthed what my “issue” was. That’s when the psycho-emotional rollercoaster started, I felt like I had lost all control, I was confused and an internal hot freakin’ mess.

Good Vibes Energy Works in Dallas YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger

And when desperation kicks in, you’ll try ANYTHING. Like booking a session at Good Vibes Energy Works for chakra healing. Working in the spa industry you hear the word energy thrown around often. Sitting in a meeting being asked to envision a ball of light leaving your body… I can’t take it seriously.

Ask me to meditate and I’m staring into the floor thinking about fried chicken. I never believed in any of it. I went into Good Vibes as a total skeptic, and Cristin was fully aware. Cristin’s been seeing me for years now, so it wasn’t a secret. I’ve always been respectful of her skill, would ask curious questions, but didn’t really understand it. Even when I sat down for my first session she didn’t expect to get any real work done because hi, I’m Sarah and guarded asf.

A year ago, if you told me I would be open to experiencing a chakra cleansing I would have laughed in your face without shame. To be completely honest, if Cristin and I didn’t have a history I wouldn’t have given in so easily. Having a few years together, knowing she’s not a crazy person… I allowed myself to trust her, give in, so I could get the F over the internal battle.

I’ve exchanged experiences with others and just know, experiences may vary. Your Good Vibes Energy Works session begins much like having a conversation with your therapist.

Cristin asks what’s going on in your life, you share details, and a decision is made on what to focus on. I know I’m crazy, but I automatically start thinking intuitive folks can read minds, and I start to become self-conscious. Like trying to change what I’m thinking about so there’s no judgment LOL.

A heated healing crystal pad is layered on the table, I mean it’s near impossible not to be lulled into relaxation. Cristin gathers a selection of healing crystals, maybe even a pre-historic sharks tooth, placing each on specific chakra’s before beginning guided meditation. The whole point is to become grounded, set the intent of being present in the moment. Focus on your color of choice and imagine it beginning from your head to your sacral, anchoring into the ground beneath you.

During both sessions vivid purple, yellow, and white streams of light surrounded me, my body warmed, fingers tingled. The first time I PASSED OUT. Like the deepest, most hardcore nap I’ve ever taken.

The next visit I looked forward to relaxing, curious to see if the experience differed. While I still left feeling renewed, I was frustrated because I couldn’t turn off and just chill. My mind raced and bounced around from thought to thought, what I imagine it feels like to be ADD.  Each time I started to focus and grab onto a thought my mind went onto the next, and the theme continued. Really, really annoying not being able to concentrate. The only thing I remember is puppies.

Yeah, PUPPIES. No idea what I was doing with puppies, but they were there. Maybe I was thinking about our move to Denver next year. We’ve talked about adopting another fur child so our pup has a playmate. Otherwise… I have no idea. My mind is weird, so who knows.

After each Good Vibes Energy Works session, I felt calm, at peace with myself, like I could move on from what I was dealing with. I remember laying in bed the first night feeling all spiritual, rambling on to the BF about how zen I felt. He thinks I’ve lost my mind, just pats my head and says something along the lines of supporting whatever helps… but the friendly jokes don’t stop.

I mean he’s walked in on me journaling with spa music, candles, and healing crystals with a “WTF did I just walk into?” and slowly back out of the room LOL. And the crystal thing? Holy has it ESCALATED QUICKLY. I have so many pet rocks, you guys. He doesn’t let me hear the end of it. Cristin gave me rose quartz and tourmaline; friends gave me more rose quartz, dalmatian jasper, and malachite, and then this happened….

Healing Crystal Collection YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Blog Beauty Blogger

I’ve gone from being a 100% skeptic to owning several pet rock friends. They live in my purse, around my workspace, next to the bed, etc. And I might have an app to alert me of moon cycles.

If you’re in Dallas and want to try something different, or you’re looking for someone legit go visit Cristin at Good Vibes Energy Works ASAP. She does phone consults, too if you’re not local. Just in case you need more convincing.

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