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Whether you’re looking for a frugal facial or you’re on a budget, you CAN get facials on the reg. And yeah, monthly facials are underrated. Your location may affect accessibility but I’m going to share my insider tips so facials don’t seem like such a far-fetched idea.

Yes, they can be expensive if you’re used to the resort spa price tag but times are changing! My clients are often met with surprise by their friends when they share intel of receiving monthly facials. Which leads me to my peeve of all peeves…

When someone says “oh, that must be nice” in a tone with underlying jealousy/envy/bitchiness. I mean it gets under my skin BAD. Please, take your salty self elsewhere. We work our butts off and spend our money how we want.

We all spend our money on things. Handbags, shoes, nights out. If you really want to make an investment in your skin, whether it’s a face cream or professional facial, it might be more about prioritizing your spending.

I’m not going to suggest Groupon, LivingSocial, Travelzoo, Gilt, or any other deal running sites. They’re the obvious answer and can be hit or miss. We want our frugal facials to be of quality and value. We’re stepping outside of the box to book our next budget facial, k?


Memberships and loyalty programs

Businesses are catching on that to stay alive, they need to adapt. Many spas have memberships to make services more affordable. Look at Massage Envy! Results may vary from location to location but they have over 1,100 locations in the US.

Typically you’re spending $60-80/month for a service versus $100-$200+ per service. Not all spas are created equal and won’t provide the same quality of service, so do your research before taking the plunge. Don’t live in a city with such amenities? If you’re a few hours away see if a spa will allow you to save credits and visit every few months, treat yourself to a little weekend getaway!


Buy in bulk and save with packages

Dermatologists, spas, and solo estheticians are big on packages, too. Put up a lump sum in the beginning and save in the long run. This is a great way to save on a series of more advanced treatments like chemical peels, microdermabrasion, micro-needling, laser treatments and the like.


Join that mailing list and follow on social media

Get on the list and follow on social so you receive an update the instant your local esthetician’s workplace is running a deal. I’m on several mailing lists and receive notifications of sales, specials, and events ALL the time! It’s a great way to stay in the loop and find out about the best deals before anyone else.


Pick up the phone and call

So archaic, amiright? Pick up the phone and ask about specials. Many spas run specials during the slow seasons, when they’ve had cancellations the day prior, and some just do it year round to keep service providers busy. It’s not always a sign the business isn’t doing well or their services suck. They just want to fill dead space and make a buck, and you benefit.


Check out your local esthetics or cosmetology school

Every esthetician gets their start somewhere, you might be surprised by how talented and educated students can be. Years ago, my school charged $35 for facials and prices went up for more advanced treatments like microdermabrasion.

Most states require students to be educated X number of hours before they’re allowed to touch a client, practicing on other students in the meantime. If there are several schools in your area and don’t feel like playing beauty school roulette, call businesses and ask where they hire from. That’s typically a good sign.

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4 thoughts on “Frugal Facials: Spa on a Budget

  1. Great tips! I consider my regular facials not just skincare but also mind-care — an hour where I de-stress and let it all go. I go to a Korean facialist and after buying a package of 20, my facials come out to $40 for a 75 minute facial. It’s my favorite beauty secret. I also seek out Thai massages for $35 one-hour massages. You just have to understand that English may be limited!

    1. And it truly is about mind/body care just as much as it’s about aging and caring for your skin! What city are you in? That’s such a great tip for Thai massage, I’ll have to see if someone in Dallas offers it. It totally different style but so relaxing!

      1. I’m in L.A., so we have access to all sorts of different massages and spas. I’m sure Dallas must also. Thankfully, my Thai masseuse also does sport massages, so I get a mix of both, since I’m too much of a wimp to handle a true Thai massage.

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