Forget Cotton Pads, You Need These Alternative Intrinsics Wipes

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I’m not talking about makeup-removing facial wipes some choose to use. The face wipes I’m referring to are your cotton pad alternative and they’re typically sold to professionals. Thanks to Amazon they’re easy to find! Get ready to say goodbye to your cotton pads and hello to some bomb ass esthetics wipes used by the pros!

If you have products you’re applying with typical cotton, you’re wasting precious elixirs. Think P50 or any other liquid toner. Aside from cotton pads falling apart and pieces getting stuck in your lashes, they soak up a lot of product. Which means you’re burning through your favorite products a LOT faster than you should be.

Take my experience using P50, for example. I realized I was burning through the bottle fast using cotton pads and immediately went searching for my favorite esthetics wipes online, the same Intrinsics wipes I used every day in the spa.

Say hi to your cotton pad alternative, Intrinsics Silken Wipes.  Peace out cotton pads!

Image: @intrinsics_naturally via Instagram

I’ve tried other brands, they may even be slightly cheaper, but Intrinsics is truly the best facial wipe out there. They hold their shape, absorb just enough product, and they’re gentle for sensitive skin. You won’t have pieces falling apart on your face. Really, they’re a solid product hovering at perfection. The price on Amazon fluctuates, each pack containing 200 wipes. It might seem expensive but when you think about how much product you save, it’s worth it.

Check them out on Amazon: Large Intrinsics 4×4 Silken Wipes and Small Instrinsics 2×2 Silken Wipes!

I purchase large 4×4’s because I can use them as an extra gentle washcloth, remove face masks, or cleanser, and sometimes I cut them into a smaller 2×2 size for toner and eye makeup remover. There are plenty of other uses to get creative with, like using damp wipes over masks to keep them moist or using them for removing tough products like masks.

They’re perfect for those with sensitive skin, they’re super soft and prevent irritation you may experience from a rough washcloth. If you don’t want to be bothered with modifying your wipes go for the 2×2 size, which is totally fine for most uses. It’s much like your traditional cotton pad in size!


Update 6/19: While Intrinsics are definitely still my favorite esthetics wipe, their price on Amazon fluctuates and they can be pretty dang expensive since their popularity has taken off. I wanted to give you an alternate option with Spa Essentials. They’re a good professional choice, although I prefer Intrinsics quality.

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  1. What a genius idea! I’ve never even heard of esthetics wipes, but I’ll have to look them up. I usually use my hands for everything because I don’t want to waste product on a cotton pad. But for eye makeup remover, this is probably a better idea. Thanks Sarah!

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