You Glow Gal is a sacred little beauty space, the circle of beauty trust, where you’re just as important as the decisions I make for this blog. The goal is for you to have a corner of the internet to find educated beauty advice and trustworthy reviews. Full disclosure will always be provided where applicable.

Occasionally I receive products to experience and share with my readers, or brands want my professional feedback. If I feel a brand isn’t a good fit for You Glow Gal I’ll pass on the opportunity. Items I receive may never make an appearance here for various reasons.

Affiliate links exist on many posts. I make a small percentage when you purchase items through these, so thank you!

Provided advice is for informational purposes and are my opinions, and based off of my personal experiences, education, and research. Products that work for me may not work for you [and vice versa], but I can give you educated parameters to work with.

TLDR: Regardless of being paid or receiving free goodies, you’re always getting the truth. No shady shenanigans here.