So, Blogging Has Actually Schooled Me

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With You Glow Gal turning a year old I’ve thought about what I’ve learned and experienced. Blogging is an interesting beast, weird at times, but definitely fun. Making a positive impact on someone’s life is rewarding, something I get to experience in the treatment room, but being able to translate that experience here with you guys is just as sweet.

Let me tell you, though… blogging has schooled me. I’ve been taught a thing or two, with so much inspiration coming from readers and the beauty community alike. I wouldn’t be writing this post without y’all!


Consistency Really Can Change Your Skin

I mean, I know this. I tell people this all the time, I even wrote about it. But I’ve been practicing what I preach this year by treating my face, neck, décolleté and hands. I’ve consistently received facials from other estheticians, not just myself… because it’s totally not the same. And guess what? My skin has changed, imagine that. Fine lines are diminishing, sun spots fading, I break out less, and my skin has a perma-healthy glow.


Staying Professionally Relevant

Something I didn’t expect: how blogging would keep me on my toes, staying relevant in my industry. True of any profession, it’s easy to pigeon-hole yourself and be stuck in your surroundings if you don’t actively seek knowledge. While the education offered through my workplace has been incredibly valuable it’s usually provided through brands we use in-spa. I learn something new in each training! But I’m learning subjects specific to that brand, hearing their explanation of why they use X ingredient over another. For example, if I never worked with products containing retinol it’s possible I wouldn’t be able to explain how it works, its benefits, or how to use it. Not to say I never sought out educating myself further, but the beauty community has presented new ideas and problems to consider. I’m more knowledgeable now than I was a year ago thanks to you.


Oh, Learning You’re Not Combo-Oily

Speaking of stepping out of your skincare bubble: oil cleansers. Yeah, I’ve heard of them and I pre-cleanse with oils at work. I was unaware of what an impact they could make with consistent use, and now I think almost everyone should be using an oil cleanser instead of gel/foam cleansers.

For years I’ve used gel cleansers, thinking I was combination leaning towards oily. By midday my makeup was separating with oil, sliding down my nose and leaving me searching for a foundation that would just freakin’ stay in place. Then I introduced myself to my now favorite oil cleansers: Tata Harper Nourishing Cleansing Oil and the real MVP Dr. Alkaitis Purifying Cleanser.  These two beauties have balanced my skin. I now realize my skin was changing, gel cleansers weren’t appropriate for my skin type, and I was overproducing oil to compensate excess being removed. I actually have normal skin…. how boring does that sound! ha.


Waste is Prominent

I mentioned this last week, the blogging world can be quite wasteful. Over the last year, I’ve collected so many samples, including items I couldn’t use, didn’t like, or only photographed. At one point I was becoming overwhelmed with how much incoming product I needed to sift through. Bringing awareness and giving back is a fantastic way to positively influence another life with pampering. I’ll purge my beauty collection a few times a year and give back glow. Learning to say no is another way to cut back on waste. I’ve been practicing this already and will continue to do so over the next year.


6 thoughts on “So, Blogging Has Actually Schooled Me

  1. Seriously?! You’re only a year old??? You seem like you’ve been a blogging pro for eons! Sincere congratulations! I look forward to learning so much more about skin care from you!

  2. A big congratulations to your blog for reaching 1 year 🎉. I was like you, always stayed away from oil cleansers but now we are besties and yes to many products weigh you down, so I have a capsule makeup and skincare stash. Every thing I try and out it goes if I don’t love. Congratulations again girl well done

    1. I used to be very capsule (yes, turning that into a verb) but blogging has made that difficult! I still keep to my classics, to an extent… but there’s always a new flavor making it’s way. Thank you for your support! ☺️

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