The Best Bath Soaks You’ll Want From Amazon

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Lately, I’ve really been into soaking in the tub, which is 100%  a new thing for me. Sharing a bathroom with your BF doesn’t exactly make for a tranquil setting, let alone clean. I mean he cleans his mountain bike in there! He’ll counter with my long hairs shedding like crazy but curly man hair floating?! Ugh, freakin’ pass. I loathe having to clean the tub every time I want to light some candles and chill.


I find they really relax me, and as bad as I am about caring for my body they’re becoming pretty vital. I spin regularly, hardly stretch, and it doesn’t take long to start taking a toll on your bod. So, here I am… cleaning the man-remnants out of the bathtub.

I’ve started incorporating deep stretch aka nap time yoga to my routine again, and a nice long soak. And that’s where I met San Francisco Salt Company. I’ve only used cheapo CVS Epsom salt, until now…


Light a few candles, put on How to Get Away With Murder, and melt away. I legit feel like I’ve had a full body massage after a relaxing yoga sesh combined with some Epsom or dead sea salts. Sometimes I get crazy and mix them together, or add a few scoops of exfoliating lavender milk bath for silky soft skin. The milk bath is so awesome. You can’t not try it, seriously.

San Francisco Salt Company is more than your drugstore find but the difference in quality is obvious. I measure out exactly how much I use per bath, practicing conservation and not overusing. The variety, too! All sorts of aromas, you can create an epic at-home spa session with ease.

This isn’t sponsored, I’m just really head over heels for this stuff! Put it on your Amazon to-buy list, no need to thank me. 😉


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3 thoughts on “The Best Bath Soaks You’ll Want From Amazon

  1. Thank you! I’m 29 and recently dx with fibromyalgia and mild scoliosis and being scanned for degenerative disc disease soon…
    Ive been a bath person all my life, but only in the past year (before my dx of fibro) did I start adding Epson Salt….im not inside but I think the kind I use is called… Dr. Someone? But I’ll try this out! Thanks

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