BeautyRX Progressive Peel and Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen

BeautyRX Progressive Peel by Dermatologist Dr. Neal Schultz is a home peel system claiming to offer professional results at home. The Progressive Peel system is pH-adjusted and buffered allowing the products to be used daily without any redness, irritation or downtime. While I don’t agree that a retail product can provide the same results you would receive from monthly professional treatments, this is an effective system.

Progressive Peel uses a proprietary blend of Glycolic, Salicylic, Lactic, and Phytic Acid. Glycolic is the main acid used in each product, but thanks to the tetrafoliant blend the peel will improve many skin concerns: dull complexion, lighten pigmentation, acne, rough texture, and fine lines.

The BeautyRX Progressive Peel is comprised of three products to be used over a 6-week period: an 8% exfoliating serum, 10% peel pads, and 15% face cream. Remember my post about retail acid percentages?  Keep that in mind here. That said… it is extremely important to follow the instructions as directed and do not use any other exfoliating products. Really, don’t F around with this one.

My skin is thin and sensitive, I use professional grade peels often. I requested each individual product separately instead of as a system. I wanted to experience each product on its own, test out how they perform when not being used in order even though instructions clearly state “not a starter product, not for sensitive skin”.  Long story short my skin was angry, ended up with contact dermatitis, and I couldn’t use any acids for at least a week and a half. It was my fault for experimenting; don’t do it.

BeautyRX Progressive Peel YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Beauty Blogger

8% Exfoliating Serum contains the tetrafoliant acid blend, plus Willowherb and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract to provide antioxidant protection.

10% Exfoliating Peel Pads contains the same ingredients as the serum but at a higher concentration. The peel pads are textured, making them more aggressive than your typical exfoliating pad. They’re no joke, I couldn’t handle them.

15% Exfoliating Face Cream again contains the same ingredients as the serum but at a higher concentration. The product is for dry skin, but if you’re combo-oily don’t worry about this making you more oily. By the time you make it to this step your skin will likely be dry and the extra hydration will balance your skin.

Progressive Peel has very specific instructions:

-For the first two weeks, use the Serum every night.

-On the first night of Week 3, use only the Pads. On the second night, use only the Serum. Continue alternating Serum and Pads nightly for the next 2 weeks.

-On the first night of Week 3, use only the Cream. On the second night, use only the Pads. Continue alternating Pads and Cream nightly for the next 2 weeks.

Pay attention to your skin, monitor for signs of over exfoliating. Even when used as directed this system may be too strong for some skin types. That doesn’t mean you must stop using it entirely, but you can lessen the frequency, perhaps wait a night between steps.

When I started over I used the serum a few nights and decided Progressive Peel was too strong for my skin. For normal to thicker skin I think this system would provide great results, if you’re sensitive I would suggest finding a more gentle product.

BeautyRX Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen Broad Spectrum SPF 50 YouGlowGal You Glow Gal Esthetician Sarah Payne Hiatus Spa Dallas Skincare Beauty Blogger

Using a system like this makes sunscreen a non-negotiable. BeautyRX Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen piqued my interest. SPF 50 and loaded with 10.5% Zinc Oxide? Yes, please! Many dermatologists will tell you Zinc Oxide offers the best broad-spectrum protection, and I won’t argue against their knowledge. You’ll also find 7.5% Octinoxate for extra UVB protection and Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate providing antioxidant protection.

I reach for Solar Defense in the mornings when I’m in a hurry. The formula is light, absorbs quickly, dries sheer, and works just fine under makeup. It’s designed for all skin types, and would probably be a hit for oily skinned gals!


Both products are available from BeautyRX: Progressive Peel $69.95, Solar Defense Sheer Sunscreen $42


*Products were provided by BeautyRX to be considered for review.

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