Beauty Hacks to Support Your Beauty Addiction

Beauty Hacks to Support Your Beauty AddictionWhen I moved to Dallas I had an office job while transitioning to become a licensed esthetician in Texas. I experienced anxiety over hating where my professional life [albeit temporary] had evolved, exacerbated by a tight budget. No longer able to afford my Sephora habit I became inventive in attaining my regimen. Even on a bare salary I refused to use drug store brands… there was no going back. I’m a product snob, sue me.


Here are my beauty hacks to support your beauty addiction on 20K.


Birchbox was just a startup and at $10/month a justifiable beauty treat. I received products to fill voids of need while getting to try new items as well. It was a win-win! When you’re watching every penny, but still want to feel pretty, you get creative. Find something that works for you and treat yo’ self. Birchbox and self- mani’s were my go to.


Beauty Hack #1

SELL YOUR SAMPLES. After awhile I collected TONS of Birchbox samples plus samples I received from Sephora, Nordstrom, etc. Most of the time I received products I knew I wouldn’t buy later, why waste the sample? Sell it! I collected for a while and sold everything on eBay, turning around and buying something I needed.

Beauty Hack #2

Contests + Giveaways. Brands are HUGE on social media for contests and giveaways –especially in December. Follow brands you love on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, everywhere. In the past I won: a plane ticket from Orbitz, iS Clinical skincare, Birchbox giveaways, a Stylemint top, Zoya Polish…. the list can go on. If I won something I didn’t want I’d turn around and sell it! I spent my free time during the work day hunting for contests instead of Facebook stalking old classmates.

On Twitter search common hashtags or create a list [example: #giveaway] to find even more.
On Facebook check out a brands page, click on “more”, and look for current promotions. You can even create an interest list and add pages, one feed to watch all your giveaway stalking.

Another good one to keep on your radar is Allure’s August Free-Stuff Giveaway. The link will take you to 2015, but you can see the goods and they’re awesome prizes. The trick is to have the entry form opened in a new window, pre-filled, and watch the clock on I’ve had great success using this tip from a friend!

Beauty Hack #3

Stacking Coupons. Forget clipping IRL when you can stack deals online. Ebates  partners with retailers giving you a percentage back on your purchases that can be stacked with coupon codes. Don’t know if a coupon exists? Google search the site [example: coupons]. I do this before ANY online buy. Take it one step further by shopping for discounted gift cards on If you have a rewards credit card with a shopping portal use that as well. Just remember to pay your balance at the end of the month so your penny-pinching efforts aren’t for nothing. It may seem minuscule, but it all adds up over time!

Beauty Hack #4

Online Shopping…. You can search for items through Google and sometimes find deals. Results may include items on Amazon or eBay so watch out for fakes. Research the sellers before buying! Read their reviews, analyze their feedback score. Check the sellers return policy. If the seller isn’t part of Amazon Prime I would avoid them altogether. One way to avoid purchasing fake product is buying sample sizes on eBay. It may save money to buy a deluxe sample instead of full-size product. Or if you can’t justify $40 on a product you’ll hardly use purchasing an $8 deluxe size sample may make more sense!


What beauty hacks do you use?

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  1. sarah, this post is such a game changer!! I have my months where I would skip certain products because I know I can’t replace them right away :/ which is not good because SPF is so important to apply daily!! thanks for the tips x

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