You Glow Gal is a beauty website that explores skin health and wellness through the viewpoint of professional skin experts and wellness gurus; the movers and shakers of the beauty and wellness industries. Founded by Sarah Payne, the site is known for its informative articles that feel as if you’re chatting with your best friend, surrounding topics of skin health and the importance of your lifestyle and wellbeing in how it pertains to your overall beauty, both inside and out.

In 2018, the team behind YGG launched Sarah Nicole Skincare, a simple, no-nonsense beauty brand focused on turning your skin barrier into the focal point of your skincare routine; a skincare line created for the majority, even those with sensitive skin, so we can all enjoy beautiful skin at all stages of life. As an editorial extension of Sarah Nicole Skincare, YGG is a space where readers can realize a strong sense of confidence and self-worth while creating their own unique approach to beauty.

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