3 Reasons You Need to Have Collagen in Your Repertoire

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If there’s one dietary supplement I am obsessed with, it’s collagen peptides. I love them! Whether it’s a skincare product creating collagen in my skin, or a supplement healing my gut I LOVE IT.

Gimme all the collagen.


It’s been well over a year since I started adding collagen peptides to my coffee.


I’ve found multiple ways to sneak it into my daily routine thanks to a myriad of products I own. Finding two brands that not only produce quality products but create supplements that taste great has made it easy to sneak in extra collagen.

I alternate between Primal Kitchen and Vital Proteins unflavored option, specifically for adding to my coffee. With a little Califia Farms coconut creamer, of course.

Vital Proteins Coconut Creamer packets are always on hand too, but I keep these around for travel and breakfast dates. They’re a great dairy-free option and create a creamy texture. Honestly, I’m surprised the Amazon reviews are so awful??  The mix is bomb for baking cookies with if you’re into that sort of thing.

I don’t bake anymore because it ends with me in tears and f’d up cookies. 🙃

I only know Coconut Creamer cookies are bomb because a friend made them for me, lol.

My FAVORITE protein powder without whey is from Primal Kitchen, though. If you need dairy-free make sure you grab Collagen Fuel, not Primal Fuel! Collagen Fuel is the dairy-free version, and both their chocolate and vanilla flavors are perfection.

Post-workout I’ll mix a couple scoops with water in a shaker bottle (has to be a cute shaker though, makes it taste better hahaha) or blend up delicious chocolate almond butter smoothies. Lately, I’ve been on a vanilla banana strawberry kick, so refreshing in this insane Dallas heat!

I’m looking for a way to use the matcha mix, any suggestions? To be continued…


but WHY am I obsessed with having collagen as a staple???


it’s fantastic for gut & joint health


My original reason for sticking with collagen in my daily routine was the improvement I noticed in my gut health. What took longer to notice was the improvement in joint pain, specifically my knees and ankles. Food sensitivity could have potentially caused past joint pain, but I never correlated the two.


it’s great for improving hydration


Collagen peptides increase water levels in your skin and body. Probably safe to assume many of us can benefit from extra hydration!


there’s evidence it creates collagen in our skin, too


Now I know there are plenty of women out there who swear adding collagen to their diet helped reduce wrinkles and fine lines, and that very well may be the case. Personally, I need more research showing evidence. I haven’t noticed an improvement in my own skin, but my lines are minimal at best–I’m not a proper candidate here. It’s possible the improvement in wrinkles are coming from the increased hydration. Either way, it’s a bonus, right?

While I adore my collagen supplements and believe they’re a great addition to a well-rounded diet, maintaining glowing skin involves more than one dietary facet.


Do you have a favorite way to include collagen in your diet? I’d love suggestions on how to cook with it… aside from baking, lol! xx


*Some Vital Proteins products were sent via PR but I buy so much myself I don’t remember what was sent as a gift anymore.


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