5 Ways to Make Your Products Work Better


How to Make Your Products Work Better

You’ve spent your grocery budget for the month on the hottest new product. Flawless skin > ramen. What if you aren’t doing everything in the power of your regimen to get the full benefit? If your skin can’t properly receive what you’re putting on you’re essentially wasting your money. So, how can you make your products work better? There are five necessary steps:


1. Double Cleanse

I know, you’re thinking ain’t nobody got time for that. But you do, it literally takes a minute or so. You can use the same cleanser for pre-cleanse and second-cleanse, or keep a few cleansers in rotation.  I have multiple cleansers in my shower for different skin needs–dehydrated, congested, normal, rough. There’s always one who’s perfect for breaking down makeup. Double cleanse each time you wash your face, especially when wearing makeup, sweating, or feeling extra icky. How does it work? Cleanse your skin, rinse off. Repeat. Easy peasy.

2. Tone

Good toners have many benefits with varying formulas to serve many purposes. On the subject of making your products work better, toning is the final step in cleansing. It removes any last bit of dirt and oil your cleanser left behind. And, they balance your skin with healthy ingredients to moisturize and protect. When your skin is clean and balanced it accepts the next step in your regimen better than it would otherwise.

3. Exfoliate

Next, exfoliate regularly. Check out the label and go by the instructions on your favorite exfoliant. Daily? A few times a week? Whatever the suggestion says is what you need for optimal results with your product. You may need an occasional stronger exfoliation, but this is a great starting point to make sure you’re getting the most out of your regimen. Otherwise your serum, moisturizer, toner, all of it, is just sitting on top….going nowhere. Exfoliating away those dead layers allows everything to penetrate deep into that baby soft skin.

4. Properly Layer

After toning each product will go in order from lightest to thickest, unless otherwise specified by your skincare professional.  Doing so allows their active ingredients to penetrate effectively. If you’re patient allow each product to absorb before applying the next.

5. Moisturize

Finally, your moisturizer! Never skip this step, even if you think your skin is hydrated and moisturized by your treatment products. That’s just wasteful. Think of your moisturizer as the cap sealing all the goodness in. They’re created with delivery systems to improve product penetration. Don’t waste your money by not using one!


How do you make your products work better? Have you been practicing these steps in your regimen?


FYI: Right before publishing this post I tested the Wildflowers Cleansing Powder for Sensitive Skin and noticed the first ingredient is talc. I’ll personally be tossing mine out. If you’re out of the loop, a verdict was made on a big lawsuit recently.

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